Who needs a holiday travel outfit?

Travel outfits are a big deal, you want something that will be comfy, easy to move quickly through airports, but you also want to look cute!  Ruby Ribbon can help with this dilemma, I never travel without my Ruby Ribbon, not only for travel outfits but also my entire trip, Ruby Ribbon packs so well no need to use the hotel iron 🙂

Check out what our Designer came up with for Holiday travel with Ruby Ribbon

no matter if you are traveling by train, plane, or automobile or even by boat you will be comfy, gorgeous, and confident ALL DAY LONG!


Using our shaping essentials which is bra optional…What do you mean? Well we have the technology that allows you to ditch your bra!!!

Ruched 3/4 sleeve top in peacock

Versatile top in berry– this is a favorite of mine you can wear two ways

Judi Cardigan in black– of course you need this to wrap up in the plane, train, or automobile or even a boat

cropped ponte for a sporty look

vegan leather leggins for a sophisticated look

black floppy hat, scarf, flats or tennis shoes, along with your favorite luggage and accessories will ensure that you are the cutest along the way!

You can order any of these pieces from my E-commerce website I am standing by for sizing and style questions!

Our fit is like a better brand at Macys so INC, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, and we are true to the size!

Have you never tried Ruby Ribbon before? Now is the time!!! You wont regret it





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