3 years already? Time to Celebrate!!!

On December 18, 2013 I took a big leap of faith and joined an AMAZING, AWESOME, FABULOUS company called Ruby Ribbon! Why do I say…


On December 18, 2013 I took a big leap of faith and joined an AMAZING, AWESOME, FABULOUS company called Ruby Ribbon! Why do I say it was a leap of faith? Well I had never seen Ruby Ribbon in real life, I was fortunate for the home office representative to send me a package with a pair of leggings, a torsette, and a cami inside! The package arrived on December 18th and it was LOVE at first sight!!! There were no stylists in my entire state of WV, I would be the first and only stylist which was a little nerve racking, and I was originally set up direct to home office which meant I would not have any upline support which also made me nervous but I knew this was going to be a life changing opportunity that I wanted and needed to be a part of! So I took that leap of faith and joined!!!!

A few days after I received a call from the home office and was told the great news that I would have an upline leader in Columbus (3 hours away) This grew quickly into a lifelong friendship and business partner that I am forever grateful for!!!

I worked my business and in January 2014 began to grow my team, slower than in some areas of the USA but I was fine with my pace of growing as I had a full-time job of College instructor!

In December of 2014 I earned the title of team Leader which was AMAZING and in January 2015 I was off to San Fransisco to celebrate my new leadership!

It has definitely been a roller coaster ride these past three years but every second has been totally worth it!  I cannot wait to see where Ruby Ribbon is going to take me, I know that Ruby Ribbon is going big places and I am happy that I am a part of this experience!

I have to thank my awesome clients, family, friends, Ruby Ribbon upline(Heather, MaryAnn, Susan) Anna Zornosa for having the vision of Ruby Ribbon and offering the opportunity to me, Lisa Schmitt for all of her training, encouragement, and support, other Ruby Ribbon stylists (too many to name– you know who you are) for their friendship, business tips, support, and encouragement! Thank you to my small but Mighty team I am so glad that you are on this journey with me Pauletta and Betty, 2017 is our year to grow and be a HUGE team and success!!!


In honor of my 3 year Rubyversary I am offering an exclusive sale

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