Everything we do we have a reason, starting your own business is no different! In 2013 I was not looking for a business opportunity I…


Everything we do we have a reason, starting your own business is no different!

In 2013 I was not looking for a business opportunity I like to joke and say that Ruby Ribbon found me. I was shopping online for Christmas I wanted a special gift for my mom, as I was shopping this awesome ad popped up at the top of my screen


and I was immediately intrigued… I knew I couldn’t click on the ad as it could take me to a virus(what do I do I need to know more about what this ad is all about)

So I pulled up google in a new tab and typed in Ruby Ribbon it took me to the home page and then the excitement continued…. I filled out a contact form for more information, I was surprised that in 2 hours I had an e-mail from Ruby Ribbon, I responded and agreed to a call from the home office. That call was amazing she introduced Ruby Ribbon as a new social commerce company selling the BEST shapewear and leggings,  and I remember thinking this will be great I can get my mom some shapewear she loves shapewear. She asked me if I was interested in a business opportunity? I answered no, not really I am just wanting to purchase shapewear for a Christmas gift. She said okay that is great, I will get you connected with a stylist, She asked me my address, I told her and she said hmmm, well we actually do not have any stylists in your state at this time. What not a single stylist in my entire state? What? She then presented the opportunity to me again, I again said this sounds great but I don’t think it is for me, I really just want to purchase it. She was not at all pushy she said okay lets get you a sample at a great discount, I agreed picked out 2 pieces of shapewear and a pair of leggings and placed the order.

On December 18th the box came and I couldn’t wait to get home to check, my mom was talking to my aunt and we ripped the box open and tried on the shapewear and leggings we immediately fell in love. That day I was on the phone with the home office 3 times before I finally decided to take the leap of faith and join!

On December 24th my starter kit arrived what a Christmas gift, my clothing rack also arrived and I was set for Business!

It was awesome to have my kit here for Christmas eve because my family came over and everyone tried on and looked at the look-book and began booking parties!

On December 27th a Sunday my sponsor drove 3 hours from Oh to launch my business I was immediately in love with everything and so glad that I am a Ruby Ribbon stylist!

Many choose to join Ruby Ribbon…

  • to stay at home with kids,
  • quit a corporate job they hate,
  • gain extra income for fun activities or
  • to pay off bills,
  • because they want to be in charge of their own life
  • being a girl boss is a dream
  • to help others by building a team
  • always wanted to own their own boutique
  • friendships and girl time
  • just for fun
  • what is your reason

My Why for Joining Ruby Ribbon

  • First of all when the home office told me that we did not have a single stylist in my entire state I knew this was going to be a GREAT opportunity that I needed to be a part of
  • I wanted to share Ruby Ribbon with women in my state and beyond
  • share confidence with everyone
  • Helping women to discover their beauty comes from within and shows outside and Ruby Ribbon helps us feel beautiful inside and out
  • Ruby Ribbon has the BEST shapewear you cannot find in any store or any other direct sales venue, we have a patent technology that you will find no where else
    • Our Shapewear slims you- you can loose up to one inch around the waist
    • Our shapewear smooths you- you will not see any rolls, bumps, dimples, no back fat no side fat
    • Our shapewear allows you to say bye bye bra- who likes a bra? no one, from size B to size  H you will find life and support for the girls without a bra
    • Our shapewear builds confidence for women of all shapes and sizes no matter if you are a size o or a size 20 you will love our shapewear as it helps posture and makes you feel supported (hugs all day long)
  • Ruby Ribbon has the BEST leggings you cannot find anywhere else, Leggings are a huge trend right now and you can buy leggings anywhere from dollar general to Nordstroms and everything in between there are even many direct sales venues selling leggings right now but NOWHERE will you find the leggings that Ruby Ribbon offers
    • our leggings slim you– the cheapest tummy tuck in town
    • our leggins are made of the highest quality fabrics and hold up to repeated wears and washes(I still wear my original pair of leggings from 3 years ago)
    • our leggings lengthen and slim your legs
    • Our leggings support you in whatever you are doing(working, relaxing, traveling, exercising…)
  • Ruby Ribbon has clothing with a secret
    • yea I said it you cannot find anything like this anywhere
    • our clothes have shapewear built in(you can get a double hug if you wish)
  • Ruby Ribbon has on trend fashion pieces brought out 4 times per year
    • I have always wanted to own my own boutique and with ruby Ribbon I can and do
  • Who doesn’t want to get paid to play dress up and give style tips
    • Ruby Ribbon is so much fun!!!

Are you ready to take the leap of faith? and join this amazing company for $199-649 you can be in business there are options for any level of business start small and grow big or you can start big and grow bigger it is up to you!

you do not carry inventory, you purchase samples to have on your rack for shows and private styling appointments then you order clothes and shapewear for your customers, I offer sample sales 4 times per year where my customers can purchase cash and carry right off my rack then I replenish with the new season!

There are other direct sales models out there that mandate you purchase and keep inventory this is a huge investment and not needed at Ruby Ribbon(they actually discourage keeping inventory) Ruby Ribbon handles all of the

  • photography of clothes(although I will sometimes take my own photos of outfit combinations)
  • business supplies
    • order forms
    • marketing
    • e-commerce website
    • lookbooks(that really is your sales team)
  • shipping- you do not have to worry about shipping
  • training- Ruby Ribbon offers the BEST training in a user friendly back office plus your upline leadership will also offer training and support
    • I offer each of my stylists a business success binder for FREE and starter business supplies either a garmet bag or hangers
    • continued support , training, and tips throughout your business

Ruby Ribbon has the most stylist friendly business setup of any direct sales models out there

You can choose to have a home office where you store your Ruby Ribbon, but it is not required, you can choose to do a virtual business plan, a trunk show business or a Personal one on one shopping experience business

There is no long waiting list or process to get signed up to be a stylist, if you want to be a stylist you go here and fill out the application and then TaDa you are all set for business!!! easy peasy!!!!



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