So periodically I feel that we should introduce ourselves to our readers and explain what this blog/site is all about and about us!!!

Hi I am Danielle and I am the daughter part in the mother-daughter team running creative corner.

I work a day job as a corporate medical auditor, my dream job… no really it is my dream job, I love it!!! As you can probably tell by this site I am also a wardrobe stylist for Ruby Ribbon(This is an awesome opportunity I just could not pass up 5 years ago) I spend my evenings, weekends, and spare time creating for the shop!!! I have always loved stickers… remember when Lisa Frank was a big thing(yea I was a 90s kid 😁)

I have always since I can remember loved paper, pens, coloring, crafting and now being grown up it is no different although now it is a fun job I get to have😊

So I opened up my Creative Corner in 2008 after years of my family and friends begging me to sell my crafts.

I have always wanted a family owned business you know the kind that you build up and then pass to your children, so in comes my partner

Hi I am Sally and I am the mom in the mother daughter team running Creative Corner! I am a typical working mom, I work part-time as a cashier at Walmart, I like my job most of the time, I enjoy crochet crafts and helping my daughter with whatever she is into(she likes to start lots of projects)😁

I help package up your orders, I always check the designs and the cut jobs, I guess you could say I do quality control, post-office delivery runs, supply runs, keeps her company in the studio, and am a really good cheerleader😊

We love working together in the Creative Corner

It is do nice to finally introduce ourselves we hope to get to know you through our site and/shop

By the way you are going to find a little bit of everything on this blog… recipes, DIY projects, fashion, Ruby Ribbon, Creative Corner, restaurant reviews, travel and more we hope you decide to follow us

Sally and Danielle❤

Author: redefineyourclosetwithdanielle

I am a Personal Wardrobe Stylist and Closet Whisperer with Ruby Ribbon! By Day I teach allied Health mainly Medical Coding, I am a Certified Medical Coder, Auditor and Instructor through the AAPC. I love learning new techniques, skills, and subjects, I am currently enrolled at Capella getting my Masters Degree in Public Health! I absolutely love Ruby Ribbon, my business not only helps me to pay for fun activities for my family but also helps me empower women through confidence building clothes and fashion. I have always loved blogs, reading and writing so here I am I hope that you enjoy this blog and if you are interested in learning more about what I do at Ruby Ribbon please contact me!

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