Studio walk through

I am in the process of redesigning my studio/workspace. Organizing it in such a way that I or anyone else I have working with me…


I am in the process of redesigning my studio/workspace. Organizing it in such a way that I or anyone else I have working with me can find stuff.

I am very blessed to occupy the bonus room of my house, it is a little more than a corner but if you knew where I used to craft it literally was a corner of the living room, and then the corner of the spare bedroom.

My office/creative corner business hub… this is where the printing and sticker design takes place as well as order packaging and shipping!!!

I love my desk which is actually a store fixture from B.Moss boutique when they closed they sold store fixtures. This beauty used to hold mannequins and folded clothes, I live that it is wood, and has a ruler for convenient measuring😁

My office chairs are vintage dining room chairs(from 70s I think) found at an Estate Sale❤

Under my desk I have iris totes to store supplies for the shop

My surface pro sits on top of the desk along with my HP photo smart printer (also an estate sale find)

My thirty one tote holds planner items that I need to be mobile😊

My green office lamp is an inheritance item from my aunt and uncles house❤

I have a metal memory board and photo collage holding ruby ribbon photos😊

The long countertop next to my office desk holds my silhouette sticker inventory, some more tools and my TV(vintage too😂)

Under the countertop are my storage drawers holding everything from my mats–printer/computer supplies–shipping supplies–ribbon–embellishments–stamps–scrabble tile supplies–adhesive and more

Next I have my paper storage system and then my bookcase which is packed full of scrapbooks😁

Love my iris paper storage system… both of them the upright and the horizontal case with hanging file folders. Under this is my sizzix yep my original die cutting system, my glitter and various tools reside under the upright storage system.

In the corner is my vinyl and mixed media station then my work desk I plan here and make greeting cards

In the next corner I have jewelry and my flower station then more storage for scrapbooking, planning and yet more stamps😍 my mini fridge sits on top of the storage drawers and next to the fridge is my craft sink(I really think it was meant for a laundry room but you know it works real well for craft projects!!!

In the center of the room I have a worktable that I keep open projects on and a chaise lounge(another estate sale find)

I hope you enjoyed the tour today

Happy crafting!!!

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