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Are you like me and like to have your nails done… but your time is limited and you are trying to save some money? Well…


Are you like me and like to have your nails done… but your time is limited and you are trying to save some money?

Well have I got a solution for you!!!

Last year I was searching for acrylic nails alternatives as I have been getting my nails done in a salon setting since I was 15 years old(woah) half of my life I have had my nails done!!! My natural nails are thin and brittle now after all of those years of acrylic nails.

I tried the gel polish you find in Walmart or a drug store and it just did not offer enough support for my nails so although the color stayed on my nails bent and tore still.

As I was searching for acrylic alternatives I found Peppi Gel… I began researching and decided I would give them a try.

Oh my goodness I LOVE Peppi Gel. It is easier than painting your nails with nail polish it takes approx. 30 minutes to complete(after you get used to the process) and gives your nails the look and feel of acrylics!!!

This review is not a paid review it is just my personal opinion.

I have seen several nail salons begin offering dip powder gel manicures and I wanted to get this review posted so you can save some money and DIY!

Go here to find peppi gel

The peppicure is as easy as 1-2-3

1st you wash your hands, shape your nails and buff the shine away, wipe the nail with nail polish remover.

2nd you get your peppi gel powder and polish ready

1- put the 1st layer on (this is how the powder will adhere to your nail) only go 2/3 up the nail(do not go all the way to cuticle)

2. dip your nail into the powder, pull nail straight up and tap finger to remove access powder

3. repeat on all nails of the first hand(repeat this process 2 or three times this time polish all the way to cuticle line, depends on how thick you want the nail)

4. put the 2nd layer activator on the nail, let dry for 2 minutes, repeat and let dry for 2 minutes

5. buff the nail and shape them again

6. put first layer of shine on, immediately repeat and let dry for 2 minutes

7. ALL done you will have gorgeous nails for at least 2 weeks perhaps more– then you can redip or redo the peppicure all the way!

Price comparison—

deluxe starter kit starter kit- 80.00 you will get approx. 25 manicures (peppicures) for this price and everything you need comes inside this kit- $3.20 per peppicure(WOW)

Go to the salon and the initial nail application will be $40.00 for a similar gel powder dip system or more for acrylic or other gel options 40.00 for one manicure or 80.00 for 25 peppicures

You want more colors those only cost $17.99 and did I mention you can mix colors and make your own personalized color!!!! This is just amazing!!! You can have your own nail salon in your home for a fraction of the cost of a traditional nail salon.

Yes before you begin thinking and want to ask you can use peppi gel on toes too (I have never attempted but several have and looks great) and peppi gel is safe for children too!!!

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