Price is a relative term

“Oh that’s too expensive” “Ooohhhh thst is pricey” “I really like that….let me know when you have a sale” “I am cheap I dont spend…


“Oh that’s too expensive”

“Ooohhhh thst is pricey”

“I really like that….let me know when you have a sale”

“I am cheap I dont spend that kind of money on myself”

“I am a mom I never splurge”

If I hear any one of those one more time I may just scream out loud. Seriously I hear you!!!

Ruby Ribbon is by far the BEST brand of shapewear, bra replacements, swimwear, leggings, activewear, and career wear you are going to find… period.

Let me ask you a question… how much do you spend on bras? What about bathing suits, how much do you spend on leggings or career wear?

I would be willing to bet you spend more than you think you do!!! You would actually probably save money if you just bought Ruby Ribbon😁

For under 100.00 I can replace your bra, take up to 1 inch off your waist, smooth your back and side rolls, to be your tummy, and lift and separate your girls!!! I am pretty sure your Victoria’s secret can’t do all of that😂

You spend your money on what you want to spend it on… period. If you want a new car, new furniture, new decor from ikea, new bras and panties from Victoria’s secret guess what you dont have any issue pulling that credit card and swiping it you want it you buy it. Something new that well you may want and may like but you just dont want it bad enough you will say oh it is too expensive, I dont buy myself anything that pricey… well suit yourself it is your loss you aren’t experiencing freedom from your bra, you will continue to struggle to get into last seasons wardrobe and you will continue to wish you were thinner. while Ruby Ribbon Stylists and their very happy customers are living their best bra free life and loving every second of it❤

Think about this…

I began my career with Rubu Ribbon 5 years ago I still have my very first cami, my first pair of leggings and i still wear them(pretty sure your target leggings aren’t holding up for 5 years, and that Victoria’s secret bra yea it probably does good to last a season)

Buying Ruby Ribbon is not making a purchase it is making an investment

After awhile I wont ask you any more, I wont even offer my opportunity to you, believe me you want these opportunities offered to you(life-changing)

Have a good day… I dont want to hear it when your cheap underwire breaks and stabs you in the chest😂😖😫🤔😁

Do yourself a big favor and give Ruby Ribbon a try now!!!


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