If you could choose?

What one would you choose based on what looks more comfortable? So let me just say I am a bra girl, I have always been…


What one would you choose based on what looks more comfortable?

So let me just say I am a bra girl, I have always been a smaller chested girl and feel that a bra gives me more shape and appear larger.

In 2013 I was introduced to an AWESOME company called Ruby Ribbon who said you can say #byebyebra. To be completely honest I was mortified I didnt want to give up my bra, my security blanket if you will. I was more attracted to the leggings and fashion Ruby Ribbon offered while my mom and family members(aunts and cousins) were very intrigued by the amazing shapewear.

I signed up as a stylist without trying anything on… yes you read that right I knew Ruby Ribbon was going to be HUGE, a rocket ship and I knew I wanted a seat onboard.🚀

Everytime I would talk to women, introducing them to my new friend Ruby🎀I would say how you you like to ditch your bra? I would get the same response… you want me to throw my bra away? You want me to go without a bra? I couldnt possibly.

I felt discouraged, no one seemed to jump on the idea of the cami.

Introducing the demiette!!! My favorite piece!!! More of a positive response, I thought well msy e because it resembles a bra? Then I thought I was going about this all wrong( yes for the past 6 years doing it wrong) not a #byebyebra but a #brareplacement YES!!!! A bra replacement much better.

As much as I love my bra(yes you read that right I really do love my bra) I dont particularly care for the underwire. In comes the Ruby Ribbon Demiette, yes fits and feels more like a bra… just more comfortable no underwire.

The demiette is an awesome bra replacement. The medical grade silicone gripper edge forms a seal on your skin and in order to keep it in place you will fold up a small piece to create a “faux underwire” the demiette provides lift and separation as well as back support(better posture while wearing it)

Are you ready for a bra replacement?

Try one one risk free today you will be so glad that you did!

So what are you waiting for?

Comment below or e-mail me at rr.daniellec@gmail.com for more information

Go here for more information

Which one looks more comfortable to you?

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