Have you shopped for a swimsuit yet?

You know that kind-of anxiety that makes your hands sweaty and your heart beat fast and your stomach feel quesy Yea, that moment you step…


You know that kind-of anxiety that makes your hands sweaty and your heart beat fast and your stomach feel quesy

Yea, that moment you step into a fitting room and all of your high hopes of being the most gorgeous girl on the beach(or at the pool) is quickly dashed when you look into that mirror

Do you think the mirrors in fitting rooms are rigged? Perhaps but nevertheless

All of a sudden you feel alone you feel like crawling into a hole you feel like hibernating all summer because you definitely aren’t going out looking like that

You begin beating yourself up… why didn’t you start that diet sooner, why didn’t you start exercising why did you let yourself go?

All of these feelings and over a crazy piece of clothing????

Have you not felt that way… maybe I am the only one but I can’t help but to think there are more of me out there, more ladies that would rather not admit it.

What if I told you I had the solution… what if I told you that I had a bathingsuit that would make you feel confident and beautiful?

Would you even believe me?

Well I do…it is the truth!!!

I have the BEST slimsuit(see what I did there?) That you will never find in a department store, you will only find it with a personal stylist, a Ruby Ribbon personal stylist like myself!!!

The same technology that our award winning shapewear is made with is placed into our slimsuits to give you the most flattering the most confidence inducing the most support you can ever find in a swimsuit!!!

Do you spend most of your time chasing little ones around the beach and pool? RR swimwear provides the most coverage and support you will find. Our one piece suits offers coverage where you need it our 2 pieces are tankinis and we have 2 options for bottoms… high waisted bikini bottom that can be converted to a Boyshort and we also have a full coverage swim skirt(both tuck that tummy in for a swimming look)

Right now is a great time to try a RR slimsuit on for yourself… we are having a sale on Swim 25% off!!!

RR slimsuits have been featured in a number of Magazines and have won a variety of awards like when In Style said our riviera suit is the most universally flatteting for any body type!!!

I beg you to not go through the torture of trying bathing suits on in a department store…. or ordering what you believe is your size and when you receive it, well it may fit a baby doll🤣 not flattering at all

Come on over and give Ruby Ribbon a try

You won’t be sorry…maybe just sorry you haven’t tried one sooner!

Go here to shop

The riviera one piece… named most flattering swimsuit by InStyle Magazine. Available in black. $139.00 on sale now for $104.25

Riviera tankini in aloha print $79.00 on sale for $59.25

Catalina one piece swimsuit in aloha print $139 on sale for $104.25

Bora bora tankini (one of my personal favs I have this suit in 3 different prints/colors $79 on sale for $59.25

Cabo swim top $79 on sale for $59.25

High waist swim bottom $69 on sale for $51.75

Swim skirt $69 on sale for $51.75

Grab you a slimsuit while they are still on sale and in stock

You will want to be confident at the pool/beach this summer

Oh and did I mention you can wear the tankinis as tops with pants or a skirt we literally take you from the boardwalk to the beach and from the patio to the pool!!!

Go here to shop

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