Walking a cat on a leash

Have you ever heard of that? I mean i had seen others have their cats on a leash and honestly when Fresno was a kitten…


Have you ever heard of that?

I mean i had seen others have their cats on a leash and honestly when Fresno was a kitten I tried to put him on a leash too, with not much success he wiggled out of the collar and ran off, he wouldn’t walk when qe put the leash on he would just lay down.

Cars are definitely very different than dogs.

At 11 years old I thought that putting fresno on a leash wouldn’t work, he wouldn’t respond well?

He recently had surgery and thus cannot go outside until he is completely healed. Fresno loves outside so much that I decided I would give a leash a try

I went to petsmart and picked up a cat harness and bungee leash set

Put the harness on fresno attached the leash, opened the door and out he went he walked right out and proceeded to take me on a walk.

You see humans don’t take cats on a walk, the cat will take you on a walk.

Anytime I would try to redirect Fresno he would scream out almost as if to say you’re not in charge here. I will go ehere I want to go and you will follow me😄

If you have a cat and would like to take them outside I would definitely encourage you to give a harness a try.

I would check the harness for cat weight restrictions and I would get a harness that is adjustable so you can adjust it on your cat for comfort and safety.

The harness I have for fresno is the Pet Safe come with me kitty harness and bungee leash, I bought it at Petsmart

So now for some advice from what I have learned through my experiences

  • Let your cat go where they want to go(unless they can’t like under a car or a deck)
  • If you need to redirect do so gently never tug on the leash, if you have to you can pick up your cat and move them
  • Let your cat get used to the harness inside the house before you go outside for the first time
  • Always make the harness and leash a positive experience
  • Treat time… reward your cat for a job well done with treats
  • Never leave your cat alone with a leash on don’t leave them outside tied up
  • Have fun exploring with your cat
  • Try to remain calm and patient while outside with your cat on a leash, yelling or getting antsy will only make your cat scared and anxious

I hope you have a good experience walking your cat on a leash, let me know below if you try it!!!

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