When we take things for granted

When we take things for granted…. remembering how blessed we are!!!


So you walk into a dark room and reach for the light switch and flip it… what happens?

Typically when you flip a light switch the lights come on and illuminate the room you are in.

What happens when that doesn’t happen? You realize how much you need and use electricity, you become more and more frustrated with each minute,hour, days without power.

Add below freezing frigid Temps and you start to feel desperate

The BEST investment I have ever made is a full house backup generator

Generac generator powered by propane

Literally the power has to be off for 5 seconds and it automatically powers up and turns our home power back on

We have heat in the winter, air in the summer, we have lights, we are able to cook, run the vacuum, wash clothes, take showers, be on our computer for work and play and watch TV, we have phones.

So Thursday night we got hit with an ice storm that knocked trees down, power lines down. At 3:30 AM I was woke up by a falling tree and then our power clicked off then as I layer in bed I awaited the generator, praise the Lord it powered up and started running our power.

There are thousands without power and without generators with frigid Temps I pray they are able to stay safe and warm.

Watching the weather we have 2 more winter storms coming our way next week, oh my…

my own family doesn’t have generators like we do and I just would encourage anyone living in a rural setting to invest in a generator…. no these are not cheap it will be an investment but one that is worth it for sure.

We have had our generator for over 8 years and definitely a purchase I don’t regret at all

I love our generator and the little green submarine thar sits just behind our driveway

I hope everyone stays safe and warm during these crazy winter snow and ice storms



For anyone wondering we got our generac at Lowes they sent a qualified electrician generator specialist out to install the generator and then we got with a local propane distributor to deliver and supply our propane!

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