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This post may contain affiliate links and I may earn a small commission when you click on those links at no additional cost to you….


This post may contain affiliate links and I may earn a small commission when you click on those links at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases made by clicking on the links.

Okay I know that skincare is very important we are only given one skin we need to take care of it we need to baby it.

All through my teenage years I rarely washed my face… I can hear the gasps from my readers, I know I know and this has nothing to do with my mom and how she raised me because she washed her face religiously twice a day the whole time I grew up.

I don’t want to think that my lack of skin care was solely based on laziness but my knowledge that I had very sensitive skin and didn’t really want to break out or have a reaction on my face.

During my per-teen and teen years even through college and my twenties I never had an issue maybe an occasional monthly pimple or two but nothing widespread and nothing a dab of Clearasil wouldn’t take care of.

Then I turned 30 and it all changed. it is almost as if a switch was flipped and now I have the most uncooperative skin anyone has ever seen. What in the world.

I would have multiple breakouts now and one would go away 2 more would return in its place, I was getting frustrated because my old habits of not washing my face my Clearasil miracle cream was not doing anything for me.

I began researching and I tried so many cleansers I spent so much money

This review is not to say these products are bad but if you are reading this and experiencing 30 year old acne or trouble skin you may want to give my new found method a try.

I tried beauty control(no longer in business) it would work great for a few days but then my face would dry out really bad.

I tried charcoal masks… that is a hard nope I put it on my face just one time and immediately broke out into a bumpy red warm rash all over my face that hurt like a sunburn, looked like one too except with a little sun poisioning in there you know they kind that hooves up(raises up)

I tried Rodan Fields- Wow this was like a miracle my face cleared up the red spots disappeared everything was great. You are probably reading this saying well you found it why doesn’t this post stop here? Well because RF is very pricey I mean if you can afford $186.00 for facial cleanser every month then yes this is an awesome product and I would 100% back it up and recommend it but for someone who has student loans, a car loan and credit card debt to pay off I could not justify spending that kind of money every month to clean my face.

I tried Mary Kay I broke out with it as if it burned my face- now with that being said I have not tried the time-wise collection and I would give it a try but the acne formulation is just too strong for my sensitive skin

Then after I broke out trying MK I decided I needed something gentle

It is very important to me that I don’t put harsh chemicals on my face, so I began looking for something that was dermatologist approved like RF but less expensive.

I found CeraVe and it has been a game changer for me, it doesn’t have a scent, silky smooth it foams up nicely not too much, and it makes my skin feels smooth and moisturized I have not had any problems with pesky breakouts

for the savings I will continue to use this product!

They also have lotions to add to your skin care routine

Happy Skincare

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