Second skin

Personal review of this product So when Second skin was released the first words out of my mouth GAME CHANGER The second set of words…


Personal review of this product

So when Second skin was released the first words out of my mouth


The second set of words out of my mouth


If you dont already know about Ruby Ribbon, let me quickly tell you about her she is going to be your breast friend 😁

Ruby Ribbon is a shapewear, and intimate apparel company celebrating body image and celebrating confidence through our full shapewear line and intimate apparel line and athleasure line

Our award winning cami/demiette has made thousands of women across this nation say bye bye bra… seriously all while trimming their waist line and tucking their tummy(this is not a surgical procedure and will not make you loose weight or tummy permanently… Ihad someone return her cami for that reason….really I did so I feel I have to throw that disclaimer in, it ks just shapewear not a miracle worker)

The second skin collection came along and as I said it is a game changer

You can’t tell you have anything on, the first time I wore mine I checked at least 3 times because I thought I had forgotten to put a bra on.

The second skin blends into your skin making it like a second skin, this product was named very well😁

Provides lift and support for the girls without a pesky underwire(that is a whole different blog post)

Smooths that underarm bulge and back bulge

Stays in place all day, won’t be fiddling with those bra straps, nope the second skin straps stay in place where you put them

The petal pockets makes it easy to insert a petal for extra coverage and shape

At just $59 it is a deal you can’t pass up! Add petals for $15 makes your total $74 and yet people pay more than that for a bra at soma or Victoria secret or lane Bryant

The second skin is the first product Ruby Ribbon has developed that is perfect for A cups and beyond so those tweens that are looking for a training bra(what does that even mean?) The second skin demiette would be perfect

As you can see, I absolutely LOVE the second skin collection…. but, don’t take my word for it, order yours today!!! Like I said earlier, it is $59 for the demiette the best bra replacement you are ever going to find!

You can try to find it in a dept store, you just won’t find anything like Ruby Ribbon anywhere… we are special, we are unique, and we are exclusively sold through independent stylists like myself!

You can go here to ORDER or to SHOP

I encorage you, I challenge you to try us on and tell us what you think!!!

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