Things to consider with Direct Sales

So are you looking at your bank account wishing you had a little extra money, or maybe you desire a discount or instant rebate for…

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So are you looking at your bank account wishing you had a little extra money, or maybe you desire a discount or instant rebate for shopping, or maybe you just need something to do to keep you busy

Regardless of your reasons for joining a direct sales company there are some things to consider before signing up

The founder and their why

You will want to research the company founder and what was their why for starting the company. Also while you are looking at this information research the executive team leading the company. How long has the company been around.

Company financial state

Knowing this will help you feel more secure in signing up with a company

The company mission or values

Does the mission statement or list of company values align with your own? Definitely something to consider. Are yiu willing to stand up anfmd support the company mission, are you willing to.abide by the company values?

The compensation plan

This is how you will get paid so this is very important that you understand how you get paid, how much you get paid and how often you get paid. Make sure you agree with and are okay with the compensation plan(the company is not going to change the comp plan just because you don’t like it or think it isnt fair. Don’t be afraid to ask your recruiter or the home office to explain the comp plan to you, ask every question that you have.

The product

What does the company sell? Is the product line streamlined or all over the place and confusing? Do you support the product, is the quality something you stand behind?

The variety

Is there a variety in products and price points available

The price point

This is important, and goes along with the comp plan because this is in essence how you will get paid. Is the price point so high younare going to have trouble finding shoppers, is the price point too low that people will think the product is cheap?

How many stylists are in a 50 mile radius of your home

Is the market saturated, the more saturated the harder it is going to be for you to find potential customers, hostesses, stylists or reps. It is not impossible but will be harder

Any associated fees required from you

Do you have to pay for your e-commerce website? Do you have to purchase business supplies like catalogs and order forms(consider the price)? Do you have to keep inventory of products?


What are the sales/recruiting/home shows quotas that are required for you to remain active on the team?

Price to start

How much is it to sign up and what do you get for that money

Non compete clause

Will the direct sales company that you are considering joining allow you to represent more than one company at a time?

Will you use the products?

I know that probably sounds crazy, but really consider are you willing to pay full price for the item and will you use or wear the product enough to show it? If you don’t wear makeup I probably wouldn’t suggest you becoming a Mary Kay rep, if you don’t wear jewelry I wouldn’t suggest you becoming a Park Lane stylist. You have to be passionate about the product(s) your company has to offer in order to be successful

Things to keep in mind

Direct sales is not a get rich quick scheme and it is not a sit back and relax to wait for the sales to come in kind of gig either, be prepared to work for what you make!!!

*Once you do your research and you find a company that aligns with you, sign up and start working and earning that money!!!

*Direct sales is a lucrative way to make some extra money but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to truly be successful, if you treat the direct sales business like a hobby or side job it will pay you as such. If you treat the direct sales business like a business it will pay you big!!!

I am currently with 2 direct sales businesses and love it

Ruby Ribbon is a shape wear and intimate apparel company founded in 2011, I joined in 2013 with less than 100 stylists in the USA now we have over 1000😲

Park Lane is a jewelry company founded in 1955, I joined in 2020, I couldn’t begin to tell you how many stylists we have but we are worldwide!!!

The 2 companies that I am with have very different comp plans, product offerings, price points, and 2 very different reasons for me joining, I love both for very different reasons too.

I encourage you if you are seriously considering starting a home based business to really research it, look it up on IG, FB and google find stylists or reps on social media and follow them.

More information about the 2 companies I am with

Ruby Ribbon
Park Lane

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