Everyone else is taken How many times have we heard that? And although it is very true how many of us(myself included) ignore that advice…


Everyone else is taken

How many times have we heard that? And although it is very true how many of us(myself included) ignore that advice and continue to compare ourselves to others?

We need to focus on us, what we want to do, where we want to go, eat what we want to eat, travel where we want to travel, drive what we want to drive

Others can focus on them, what they want to do, where they want to go, eat what they want to eat, travel where they want to travel and drive what they want to drive.

Now let me start off by saying this blog post is as just directed at me as anyone else. I struggle with this, and I thought if I struggle maybe another girl struggles too and maybe just maybe I can help her.

So today’s world in the age of social media it is sobeasy to compare our life with others “lives” do you know why I put quotes around that?

Because their portrayal of their life may be just that a portrayal and not actual real life.

Let me give you an example.

So perhaps she is selling a product, let’s say clothes. So she dresses up really fancy and poses in front of a fancy car or a nice restaraunt, she posts her photos to get attention but more importantly to sell her product. Is that how she typically dresses? Maybe and maybe not, is that expensive car hers or maybe it is just parked in a parking lot somewhere, does she eat at that restaurant or just pose in front of it.

See social media doesn’t always paint a true picture, but it is usually a pleasing picture, isn’t it, it really makes you want to buy those clothes because maybe if you dressed like that you would have a car like that or get to eat in fancy restaurants too, right?

Have you ever looked at someone else’s posts on social media and wondered why them and not you?

Its okay if you have, I sure have.

You know what it does though? It makes you feel bad about yourself, it brings your confidence level way down, and isn’t good when we compare to others.

Have you ever been involved in a direct sales type business and maybe looked at your team-mates posts and wondered what is she doing, how is she so successful?

Well stop and think about it for just a minute

  • It could be that she is now the sole provider of her family and she has no choice but to be successful because she doesn’t have a day job to fall back on and now her husband has been laid off.
  • It could be that she is posting photos that enhance her reality, maybe not as successful as she seems to be
  • We don’t truly know what her situation is and therefore we can’t well we shouldn’t judge her or compare ourselves to her
  • Also when did she start? Maybe she has more experience than you? I love the quote. Don’t compare your first chapter to someone else’s last chapter.

So the next time you are tempted and yes it happens everyday… to look and compare to others remember to

  • Focus on God
    • God created you to be uniquely you he didn’t create you to be someone else
  • Focus on you
    • What do you need to do, where do you need to go

BeYoutiful YOU be you because everyone else is taken

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