The most needed item of 2020

Can also help you to make a fashion statement or any kind of statement you wish to make 2020 has come with a lot of…


Can also help you to make a fashion statement or any kind of statement you wish to make

2020 has come with a lot of bizarre events, weird happenings, strange times but with 2020 also comes this new way to make a statement

Face coverings

I say those words and it triggers a response in everyone either confusion why everyone can’t get on board, or people claiming to be prophets, or people angered by them(angered at the term, angered at the mandate, angered at the idea of them, I am not sure maybe it is a combination)

I for one have always been a face covering supporter and that was way before they were even cute

I mean you can get masks from nearly every designer, every color, every material… some have writing on them, other have photos, others are plain colors, while others have fun patterns… some are homemade, others are ordered from small businesses, while others aremass produced.

I mean if you have a cricut and heat press this could be your dream come true I mean don’t we personalize everything we own(Can I get an amen from the south) 🙂 so why not personalize our masks.

Masks are the American Express of 2020 you never leave home without at least one

Masks are a much needed tool at combating the COVID-19 virus pandemic but that doesn’t mean they cant be fun and fashionable

Make a statement with your mask. View it as an accessory, allow it to speak your style, match your outfit or completely stand out.

If we could all just calm down for a minute this could actually be fun, and a positive thing not only for our physical health but also our mental health.

As you most likely know I sell Jewelry and the best earrings to wear with masks are stud earrings… and man does Park Lane have some really cute stud earrings!!!

There are some days, most days I want my mask to match my outfit while other days I feel casual and just want to wear a surgical style mask.

I encourage you to look for a cute mask that expresses your style and wear it happily 😊

You can find masks everywhere, I promise it won’t be too hard to find

Masks help slow the spread of this virus and who said we can’t be fashionable and cute while helping Public Health keep everyone as safe as possible while a vaccine is developed, and medical treatments can be discovered!

You can make your own mask, you csn buy masks from department stores and drug stores you can gwt masks off ETSY, you can get masks to match your outfit, since we really need to wear them we might as well have fun doing it!!!

Mask up… slow the spread…flatten the curve…save lives❤

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