Preparing to travel during a pandemic

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, this product review is a personal product review, I have tried these gardening tools personally and highly recommend them….


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, this product review is a personal product review, I have tried these gardening tools personally and highly recommend them. Therefore, I provide links so you can get the products too! When you click on the links and make a qualified purchase I will make a small commission without increasing the price you pay, I appreciate the support of my small business. for more information see my disclosure here

I would say now more than ever people need to travel, people need to get away for a minute to relax, the problem is there is no where in the world you can go that is free from Covid-19.

-So what do you do?

-Do you cancel your vacation plans?

-Do you go ahead and go but change your plans slightly?

Well I am going to tell you that preparing to travel during a pandemic comes with a lot of anxiety for sure. What will it look like? How will it be?

I think that I think about all the risks too much because I know, sometimes I wish I didn’t know therefore I could just go along and not care about anything…

Researching travel during a pandemic will lead you into so many different directions and not really give you any solid answers.

At the end of the day you have to do what is best for you and your family.

Here is what I did. Planning to go to our favorite place the beach, everything was fine until it became the hot spot for COVID-19

Now going on vacation will put us at a bigger risk than just staying at home, what do we do?

I consulted with some physicians who I work with and they said go and have fun, be smart, stay away from groups of people, eat at outdoor restaurants or eat in your room/condo, wear masks when you can and feel like social distancing cannot be maintained. Wear gloves on the plane (yes flying is safer than driving due to the fact you don’t have to stop to get gas get food or to rest and you get to your destination quicker. I also purchased a face shield for added protection and some safety goggles in case we don’t want the hat.

How cute is the hat

The face shield is removable and you are able to clean it in between each use

The hat is adjustable with a tiny drawstring inside the hat.

You are able to see through the shield and it wraps around from ear to ear offering you front and side protection.

If that is too much you could choose to pick up some safety goggles I got mine from walmart for just a few dollars and they are pretty comfortable. I had picked up a pair from Amazon and they hurt my nose and face.

Gloves can be purchased at any drug store and you know you can get masks anywhere.

Finding disinfectant is another story but if you find some grab up an extra(if you are allowed) to pack to take with you so you will be able to spray the room down and wipe down all surfaces. Honestly we do this every-time we travel but this time it is kind of a bigger deal and considering you cant find Lysol or chlorox it is a little nerve wracking.

Making sure you have enough hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes to bring with you too, lots of times these are the items which are limited purchase so you will need to plan ahead so to be prepared.

Getting groceries and cooking in your room if an option may be your best bet for eating meals, also if getting delivery( I am sure that delivery is widely available through delivery services), going out to eat needs to be carefully looked at and decided upon if you do go and the restaurant is full it is okay to turn around and find another place, see if you can find outdoor dining.

Basically do things as you do at home just be more careful because your vacation destination is not your typical surroundings.

Mentally I think everyone needs an escape for a few days, it will only help us get re-energized and ready to tackle the fall/winter season (which may prove to be more of the same or even worse conditions in which we have currently seen. I sure hope not but we need to be prepared!)

So have you had to re- arrange your travel are you trying to figure out should my family take a trip?

This is a decision that only you can make for you and your family but let me just give you this viewpoint

What are you doing where you live currently? Are you being careful, wearing masks, gloves, staying away from people, eating the majority of your meals at home… well cant you do those same things but while on vacation? I would say you sure can.

I don’t think any online research will give you any sort of peace or solid answers on whether you should travel or not.

I would check with your airline, how are they handling booking– are they limiting the bookings? are they booking the plane full?

Check with your hotel, can you use the swimming pools, is the beach open, are there plenty of restaurants with outdoor dining, can you get food delivered to your room, what are their rules of property if any(mask mandates…)

Go to the local pages online like the local chamber of commerce you can typically google and they will say if they have any restrictions on out of town guests, and they will typically list their mandates and rules for the city.

Check the CDC website for the numbers of COVID-19 in the area in which you are visiting, then you can decide if the risk is worth taking.

Don’t just follow other people on social media saying to cancel vacation and stay at home, this can actually be harmful to your mental and physical health we need to get away from our normal reality and although COVID-19 is everywhere a change of scenery will help. I mean we have been at home for 5 months now many of us working from home staring at the same walls everyday for the past 5 months a change of scenery would be beneficial.

Also don’t take my word for it either, you have to gather your own data, and make up your own mind is the risk worth it, if you decide to just be smart about things and realize that just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean you don’t have to be careful if anything you will need to be more careful.

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