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If given enough time all trends come back around. I am happy to say that a great trend from the roaring 20s is back now…


If given enough time all trends come back around. I am happy to say that a great trend from the roaring 20s is back now in the pandemic 20s… Art Deco

It really got me thinking about the history of Art deco and what is Art Deco so I decided to share with my readers because you may also be wondering.

I began researching Art Deco and I found that The Art Deco trend began in the 20s but became popular in the 30s, interesting not me for sure. Art Deco started in architecture and construction and quickly moved to fashion, accessories and decor.

Art Deco is defined as a style of visual arts architecture and design first appearing in France before WWI

Art Deco began its great influence in 1920 influencing the design of buildings, furniture, fashion, jewelry, cars, movie theaters, trains, boats, and even in everyday items like radios and vacuum cleaners.

Art Deco was a symbol of glamour and luxury! Everyone had to have it in whatever way they could get it even if it was a necklace or a chair in their living room.

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Art deco is Bold geometric forms, Bright colors, and exotic styles

I LOVE this about it BOLD, BRIGHT, EXOTIC, WOW that is so cool, not to mention the symbol of glamour and luxury(insert heart eye emoji here!)

You can see examples of Art Deco when you travel to NYC or Chicago or any other major city for that matter

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Skyscrapers that were built in the 20s and 30s exhibited Art Deco style; Empire State Building, Chrysler building, and 30 Rockefeller Plaza(30Rock) among many others.

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I took a trip to Minneapolis for my graduation at Capella and saw a lot of Art Deco in the architecture design of the buildings

During the great depression art deco became a lot less extravagant because the building materials became too expensive (thankfully all of the gorgeous skyscrapers were already built by this time)

New cheaper materials were developed and Art Deco trend continued on

Important to note that Art Deco is not a single style, but rather a collection of different contradictory styles together.

With Park Lane we have a decade design very reminiscent of the roaring 20s and art deco



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