Ty Beanie Babies… are they really worth millions? Actively looking for collectors!

Ty beanie baby collection in mint condition… is it really worth money?


Growing up in the 90s was fun and full of some neat hobbies, including collecting Ty Beanie Babies!

Now almost 30 years later your beanie babies are still in moms attic packed away! Am I right?

I have boxes and totes full of these cute critters packed away neatly in the attic.

A blog post on cosmopolitan, discussed the worth of these beanie babies!

After seeing this blog post.

I have all my beanie babies in near perfect condition.

funny story my first flight of my life from WV to CA some of my beanie baby collection traveled with me, don’t ask me I just filled my tiny carry on with them.

So, back to what this post is about…beanie babies ultimate worth and where can you find the collectors that want these babies?

I would be willing to part with my entire collection. I would sell as a lot or individually. However, I want to sell for what they are worth(not too much not too less).

Tried the Ebay thing. Ebay automatically listed some of my babies for thousands of Dollars and others just a few dollars.

The blog post I am referring to claiming that beanie babies are worth millions can be read here

Do any of you, my readers know?

I am not a professional collector or seller


I am ready to part with these cute critters but they need a good home😊

Do have any advice? Please comment below if you have advice or are an interested collector/buyer.

sample of my collection

The gallery above is a good sample of what I have but not all.

Highest paying beanie babies

The post says these are very popular among collectors and will pay the most!


The three bunny beanie babies are apparantly very popular sold in a set, I have all three in mint condition!!!

The Bears

The bears may be the most popular!

Princess Diana Bear

The most beautiful and the highest priced Ty Beanie baby on EBAY today is the Princess Diana Bear. To keep her as gorgeous as the day I received her, she has been kept in a clear collectors box!

Happy meal toys… worth anything?

Happy meal toys were very popular in the 90s. I can see this as a future blog post.

Go here to see the blog post that sparked this journey to sell my beanie babies!

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