Vacation season is here… time to plan !

Vacation planner digital download from my new Redefine Your plans digital shop linked in the post!


As the temperatures begin rising and school is out for the summer many families begin to prepare to leave for vacation!

Planning for vacation happens long before the family departs for the much anticipated trip.

If you are anything like me I love having every detail planned out, I want to know my hotel arrangements the daily itinerary, I guess you could say I am a planner not very spontaneous!

I Love planning so much in fact I began creating my own printable planning sheets and I am now bringing them here to this blog for you my readers!

Are you excited yet?

Do you plan?

If you answered yes, let me guess you buy a traditional planner from the store an agenda per say

Well guess what planners should be as unique as you are!

Did you realize that?

I have struggled for years trying to find “planner peace” a planner that offered everything I need it to.

Because I couldn’t find a planner with everything I needed I created my own.

What I LOVE about my planners is that they are fully customizable, undated meaning you can literally use over and over again year after year, you can start your planner at any point of the year.

Are you ready to see the vacation planner?

Okay okay here is a peek!

Now that you have seen it why not go ahead and redefine your plans and grab this planner to use for your vacation this year or start planning your vacation next year! Grab it here

Once you begin planning with digital download printable planners you wont go back to a traditional planner!

Some people especially those who have never used digital downloads like these want to know how to print and how these digital downloads work. Don’t worry I am going to tell you below!

How to print your vacation planner

  1. purchase the digital download by going to this link
  2. Open your digital download (in email you provide)
  3. save the files on your PC, laptop, or external hard drive or flash drive
  4. open the file using a PDF viewer program like Adobe if you don’t have that go here to download
  5. Print using your home printer or go to your local print shop to have them print the files(from a flash drive)

As you can see it is very easy to print and use the digital download planning sheets


  1. How many times can I download this planner?
    • You have 5 times to download
  2. Can I get a refund on this purchase if I am not happy?
    • Unfortunately we are unable to accept returns or process refunds due to the digital nature of this purchase. I want you to be happy so I will work with you to resolve any issues with your downloads
  3. Can I sell the planner that I purchase from you if I print it out?
    • No, this planner is for personal use only
  4. Can I share the digital file with others (friends/ family)?
    • No, this planner is for personal use only
  5. Can I share on my blog or website?
    • You may share a review or share the planner (not the actual planner or file ) as long as you link back to this blog


What type of paper should be used when printing planners? I Like to use copy paper and have used regular typing paper at 20lb but I love bright white 24 lb paper for my planners! Planning dashboards and covers would be printed on bright white card stock.


Many are probably asking what type of printer do I use, ink jet or laser? I actually use both and love both really depends on which printer has ink inside! I will say that if I go to a print shop I ask that they print using a laser printer.

Are you ready yet?

Go ahead and grab this download by going here and grab this planner

TODAY you can get this planner for $14.99

Wow that will be 39 sheets that you can use over and over again for just $14.99

You get the following downloads; 12 monthly undated calendars, 2 undated weekly planning sheets, 3 vacation journal and notes sheets, 1 hotel planning sheet, 1 vacation planning sheet (to hold all of your reservation confirmation numbers), 2 packing list sheets, 9 vacation savings tracking sheets, 1 vacation savings planning sheet, 2 vacation savings deposit tracker sheets, 1 vacation expense tracking sheet, 1 bonus dashboard sheet!

Don’t delay

Go here to grab this printable planner

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