Choosing the perfect planner for you!

Planners going to plan!!!! Are you just getting started planning or thinking about it? This guide will help you!


Have you heard of the planning community?

I have always loved planning even before planning became popular

I think that decorative planning gained its popularity after memory keeping or scrapbooking became such a popular thing to do, not 100% sure of that but it really makes sense.

scrapbooks loved pens, stickers, fun papers and images so the transition over to the planning community wasn’t a hard one!

I would consider myself more of a functional planner than a decorative planner, although it is so much fun to decorate your planner each week!

so, you may be thinking what is the difference in functional planning and decorative planning?

functional planning- documenting everything that happens in your day, making to-do lists, planning your day, using pens sometimes just a simple black pen sometimes cute colored pens and highlighters.

Decorative Planning- This is where your creativity will shine, decorating the planner pages we planners refer to as layouts or spreads. Taking a plan simple planner page to a gorgeous layout using stickers, washing tape, glitter, die-cuts, pens and markers and highlighters!

Combination planning- when you are more of a functional planner but still like some stickers and cool colored pens, highlighters, and washi tape

If you are new to planning my advice would be to do finctional planning and get a few stickers(stickers are addicting and easy to collect) get used to documenting everything that happens in your day before you decorate too much!

What type of planner is perfect for you?

Today there are so many planners to choose from, it can be quite overwhelming, I am going to try to help you at least narrow some down!



  • Fully customizable
  • Comes in a wide variety of sizes
  • A lot of cute accessories to choose from


  • Some people don’t like the disc’s (I LOVE them they are so cute and customizable too!!!)



  • Everything is neatly bound by a pretty spiral binding
  • Customizable covers


  • Not at all customizable the pages are already set
  • You will not be able to easily add or take away pages



  • Looks professional, clean lines
  • Can be used as a wallet
  • Fully customizable
  • Ability to decorate the pockets with diecuts and clips
  • Storage space for notes and cards


  • Can become heavy and bulky not easy to transport

What is the perfect planner size?

Planners come in a wide variety of sizes

First thing you need to ask yourself is what is your main reason behind planning? Do you need the planner to go with you everywhere? Do you need the ability to remove and add additional pages?

The following list is the most popular planner sizes

  • US Letter- 8.5 X 11
  • HALF LETTER- 5.5 X 8.5
  • B6

Then there is the Happy Planner and their sizes

  • BIG-8.5 X 11
  • CLASSIC- 7 X 9.25
  • MINI- 4.5 X 7
  • SKINNY-4.125 X 9.25

Once you know

what type of planner looks like one you would like (spiral, disc, binder) and you know what your planning purpose is you will be able to choose a size!

I do want to encourage you to try multiple sizes and types to see which one you like the best

I have personally tried them all and like them all for different reasons (I know that may not be very helpful, sorry about that)

My favorite

My Personal Favorite Planning Sizes

***The following are affiliate links, I appreciate your support, by making a purchase from an affiliate link I am able to make a small commission without affecting the price for you. The affiliate links help to offset costs of producing this blog!***

* at home planner is an 8.5 X 11 size

*on the go planner is 4.125 X 7 size

*Social Media planner is 4.5 X 7 size

*catch-all planner is 7 X 9.25 size

*budget planner is 7 X 9.25 size

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