Sparkle Business

Are you a Park Lane stylist?
You may want to take a look at this planning system to help you stay focused on your goals and success!!!


It has been a long running joke, that my favorite color is glitter…. but glitter isn’t a color, anything that sparkles is my favorite!!!!

Leap of Faith for Sparkle

In April of 2020 I partnered with Park Lane Jewelry as an independent stylist!

I have years of direct sales experience but absolutely zero in selling/styling jewelry. Not to mention we just entered the global pandemic.

I quickly realized I needed a way to keep my jewelry organized, keep my schedule organized and planned. I started searching for a planner that would help me to plan out my new sparkle business!

I found lots of planners, even found s planner specifically designed for direct sellers… but, nothing specific for my Sparkle business!

I am capable

I can do hard things… the quote rings in my head everyday, it isn’t just s quote but it is TRUTH!!!

I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for… so I created it!!!

Months of hard work designing a planner specifically meant for Park Lane stylists, I finally finished it and launched it July 1st

Redefine your plans

I absolutely love the Happy Planner, have planned in one for several years now, I love the size I love that you can add pages! You may love a Filofax or s recollections or any other planner.

Use that planner!!!! My planning worksheets and planning kits are designed to enhance your current planner, not meant to replace your planner!

Whether you are brand new at planning or a planning afficiando my planning worksheets will be perfect for customizing your planner, making it as unique as you are!!!

Are you ready to get organized?

Go to my ETSY shop here!!!

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