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Have you ever wished you could be famous? Maybe not famous per say but rich, rich enough to have a personal stylist, personal shopper? What…


Have you ever wished you could be famous? Maybe not famous per say but rich, rich enough to have a personal stylist, personal shopper?

What if I told you?

Anyone can afford to have a personal stylist, a personal shopper! Would you believe me?

I am so excited, I can barely stand it!!!!

Redefine your closet

I started this blog after starting my journey with Ruby Ribbon(a direct sales company). At the time of me starting with Ruby Ribbon, they offered confidence building shapewear, and a line of leggings, wardrobe essentials, and career wear. Being a stylist with Ruby Ribbon was like owning my own boutique, I loved it!!!

I was with Ruby Ribbon for almost 7 years, and then I felt like it was time for me to move on, I resigned from Ruby Ribbon.

Keeping this blog was important to me! I mean I built it from the ground up and I own my own domain, all of my social media handles match, I am building my brand!

All the different closets

As I transitioned from Ruby Ribbon, I decided to focus on all of the different closets in our life

  • Fashion-clothes
  • Food-Pantry
  • Faith- Prayer
  • Creative- crafts
  • Jewelry box

See, when you think about it we have lots of different closets! It worked, but I still felt like I was missing something.

Direct Sales friends

One of the reasons I love Direct sales business model is that it expands a girls friend circle, these are lifelong friends!!!

July 23rd I was on Instagram(probably my favorite social media platform) I saw a fellow RR stylist making a fun announcement, she was starting over!!! I immediately wrote her congratulating her on the new journey, to encourage her since I had done the same thing last April, when I joined Park Lane Jewelry.

I continued watching her journey which she transitioned seamlessly, she was having fun, I could tell!

I never really gave it any thought to ask her what she was doing, I was happy (I am happy at PL).

Fast forward to September 16th I get a voice message from my friend messaged me offering me an opportunity!

It didn’t take me long

to respond to her, we immediately connected I did my research, I asked questions she answered them. I placed my order and began planning how to incorporate this new(amazing) journey!

Fashion is coming back

to Redefine your Closet!!!! I cannot wait to share more with you!!! As soon as my goodies arrive, and I officially start, I will provide all the fun information here!

For now

You need to know;clothes, shoes,accessories, of course jewelry through Park Lane will be offered here! Personal unique looks will be curated and will be made available free to you as a PDF.

Are you excited yet?

stay tuned for more information!!!

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