How to avoid buyers remorse?

You are with your friends at a girls weekend away, lets just say for story sake you are at Gatlinburg TN staying at a gorgeous…


You are with your friends at a girls weekend away, lets just say for story sake you are at Gatlinburg TN staying at a gorgeous cabin in the mountains. Can you visualize this, stick with me I promise I am getting to the point! You are with your girls and the first activity planned is a day of shopping at the outlet mall. You are excited but anxious at the same time, as you really don’t want to overspend.

The girls are so excited and cannot stop talking about what all they are going to buy, you try to act excited but down deep you feel a bit sick.

Have you been there? Peer pressure is a real thing especially when girls go shopping together in a group!

How to avoid buyers remorse

  • Budget
  • Use cash
  • Think about purchases before buying
  • Plan purchase


Budgeting is so important and I think a little under appreciated, it can help you to know exactly where you money is going where it needs to go and how much you have to spend.

Making sure that you have enough money allocated for bills, food, gas and any other necessities is the most important thing that a budget can help you with but can also help you plan for fun shopping trips!

I have a budgeting sheet that can help you

Link to downloads

CASH only

Deciding to only carry cash can help you stick to a budget, you know exactly how much you have to spend.

Thinking about it

Taking time to think about the purchase will help you! Carry the purchase around the store, if clothing try it on. Check the inventory on the floor- how many ____ do they have? Determine if you walk away without purchasing how will you feel, will you feel regret, will you have FOMO? Pu the item back and walk around the store without it, if you keep coming back to the area where the item is will be a good sign that you really want the item! Check your cash envelope or budget if you have enough for this item and you have enough leftover, you will be able to confidently make your purchase and leave the store feeling good about your purchase!

Plan your purchase

If you have time before you leave for your shopping trip you can take a minute and plan out your purchase make a list of what you want to look for what you need and what you want and jot down your budget! This way you will have a plan of what you are looking for and you are less likely to make an impulse buy which is a top reason people feel buyers remorse those impulse buys that not enough thought went into!

Next time you go shopping

Keep these tips in mind and you can use my shopping planner as well to help you stay on track and focused on your goals from shopping!

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