Apps you need for your small business

We live in a busy world, we live in a always on the go world. If you can run your business from your phone you…


We live in a busy world, we live in a always on the go world. If you can run your business from your phone you are more likely to work your business more. Yes, you can be very successful running your business from your phone!

I would like to list out the apps and then talk about a few of them

Apps you need

  • Canva
  • Adobe lightroom
  • Paypal
  • Venmo
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • One note
  • FB business suite
  • Boards
  • Google analytics
  • Shop
  • unfold
  • boomerang


Canva is a graphic design app! There is a a free version and a pro version

I used canva free, I love the free version so many options for your designs, I wouldn’t recommend the pro version until you are good at canva, sign up for the free version and play around with it if you really use it a lot and find that a lot of the paid images and features are things you would use then you can upgrade to a pro subscription. The free version is great though for any experience level.

Adobe Lightoom

This is a great way to easily edit your photos. I only have the free version because I feel that the free version has everything that I need. The same recommendation for adobe lightroom as canva to try the free version before jumping in to get a paid subscription!

Paypal/ Venmo

A way to take payments virtually is great for any small business. Please keep in mind that this is a taxable way to take payments so be sure to keep track of your transactions for tax time. These apps are free to download

Social media apps

Facebook, Instagram, twitter, tik tok, pinterest! Where are your customers mainly hanging out at? Be sure to be posting everyday on these platforms, at least on a regular schedule. Post your links— I just said that, I know many trainings say don’t post your links but really the link is the most powerful tool we have as direct sellers and small business owners!

One note

Notes apps even the app that comes on your phone works, this is a great place to keep items that you need often such as links, messages to customers, scripts for trunk shows, product information and more

Facebook Business suite

This is a must for any business that has a page and groups on Facebook (now IG is attached too)

This is where you can create posts to schedule out, a post scheduler is great for our busy lifestyles!


This app is new to me but so far I am loving it. Free it is a place where a team can share trainings, images, scripts and more! Each person can create their own board with what they need, this is a a great place to keep hostess information links and more.

Google analytics

This is especially important if you are an ETSY shop, boutique shop or blog business owner. Google analytics show your stats for your site on the internet


The shop app is perfect for tracking online shopping and tracking numbers, keep track of your orders


This app is great to create fun instagram stories


Boomerang is a fun way to make short videos for social media

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