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Do you know your closet style? Many may be thinking what is closet style, wouldn’t that be my personal style? Well Personal style does play…


Do you know your closet style? Many may be thinking what is closet style, wouldn’t that be my personal style? Well Personal style does play a big role in closet style but I am helping you to redefine your closet so that the frustration of “not having anything at all to wear” will fade away and you will be excited to open that closet and get ready for your day, because getting dressed should be fun!!!

What emotions are associated with your closet?

When you go to your closet in the morning are you

  • Excited
  • angry
  • frustrated
  • overwhelmed
  • neutral dont feel one way or the other

What do emotions have to do with closets?

A lot actually… When you feel excited to go to your closet you are more likely to choose an outfit with confidence and stick with it(no multiple outfit try ons) On the other hand when you feel overwhelmed or frustrated you will have multiple outfit try ons before you commit to an outfit for the day! Who really has the time for multiple try ons(not me that is for sure). I have even found myself feeling overwhelmed when I go to my closet and frustrated I had so many clothes but still had nothing to wear!

I decided it was time for me to help

I figured out what helped me and I know I can help you redefine your closet

Capsule wardrobes

Have you heard of capsule wardrobes? These are all the rage in fashion and style blogs these days. I have spent a great deal of time researching capsule wardrobes and by all means go to other style blogs to see what they have to say because everyone seems to have a different approach! I am here to share my approach with you feel free to make your own approach!


  • Closet audit- Call it what you will but since I am an auditor for the day career I chose that as my term 🙂
    • This is the most important step in my opinion as this is where you take inventory you mark down what is good about your closet and you mark all the negatives about your closet
    • take a look at your closet- mark down your emotions
    • remove everything from your closet make the following stacks
      • pants/ bottoms(skirts)
      • dresses
      • layers
      • tops
    • Once you have all your stacks now you are going to go through the stacks and create the following stacks
      • wear all the time
      • haven’t worn in over a year
      • don’t like it… not sure why it is in your closet
      • doesn’t fit
    • Now with these stacks you are going to grab a bag or tote and put things inside
      • you wont wear
      • doesn’t fit
      • you do not like
    • What you are left with is what you will put back into your closet and work with to build your capsule wardrobe!
    • I build a foundational closet wardrobe and then add seasonal pieces 4x per year, you can do this or just a capsule wardrobe or a seasonal closet that everything gets replaced seasonally… this is your closet and your decision

Take the Closet Style Quiz

This closet style quiz will help me help you as your personal wardrobe stylist to get your closet in order and organized full of the clothes you love!

Grab your FREE closet style guide Printable PDF below just for filling out the closet style quiz, my gift to you!


Lets Redefine your closet today!!!

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