Monochromatic dressing- Black

Monochromatic dressing… just add a fun layer


I am a sucker for black anything black, black pants, black sweaters, black bags, black cardigans, black dresses, I LOVE Black!!!!

Moonchromatic or also known as column dressing is a favorite look of mine, it is where you dress in one solid color, so your bottoms and tops and shoes are all one color and in this case it is black!

Spring is officially here but the weather is kind of playing little tricks on us, this morning while getting ready for church I looked out and it was snowing… which quickly changed my outfit plans for church!

I quickly headed into my closet to find something warmer than a sundress and sandals. I found a lightweigth black turtleneck sweater and black midi skirt with tights and black boots, for some extra warmth as well as an outfit accent I found my fur vest! (faux fur vest) 🙂

All day I thought about how I could dress this outfit up and make it more springy or more wintery or even more fall like, everyone loves a versatile closet, right?

Here is what I came up with

  • Fur vest for winter
  • Fur scarf for early winter/late fall
  • leopard poncho for early fall/late summer
  • floral kimono for spring
  • navy floral kimono for spring/summer
  • pink kimono well the pink is good for anytime.. my brand color 🙂

fur vest

this particular fur vest is Joseph A brand from Macy’s years ago (when I worked there)

Fur scarf

this fur scarf is faux fur from Ruby Ribbon several srason ago, you can find faux fur scarfs pretty much everywhere in the fall

I love how the fur looks but isn’t as covering as the vest, the scarf still shoes a lot of the monochromatic outfit

poncho… leopard print

this poncho was a style drop at my Closet Candy Boutique

ponchos are fun layers that provide some warmth but mainly these are merely for looks, for the fun of it!

Floral Kimono

I absolutely love the feminine look of thos kimono, this particular one is Ruby Ribbon from years ago

navy long kimono

this kimono comes from my closet candy boutique

I love how this kimono has a side split.allowing me to tie the front

Long Pink Kimono

Pink is my color, I mean if you couldn’t tell by looking around this blog… pink is my main color of my brand and so this kimono makes my heart so happy!!!!

this kimono is a CBrand exclusive to Closet Candy


When column dressing you want to elevate your look with some sort of accessory, a handbag, jewelry, a hair accessory, or a layering piece!

Long layers

Pro Tip: long layers helps to elongate you making you appear taller and leaner (thinner) we all like that

When dressing in all black make sure it sparkles or is a pretty accent color(Gold, Silver, Pink, Blue, White)

Statement earrings

Statement earrings are always a good idea, and remember that statements do not have to be oversized or dangles just anything that makes a statement, you can definitely rock a pair of statement studs!

Arm Party

Stack those sparkly bracelets up your arm and give yourself a great arm party just for fun! Just make sure that the bracelets speak to you in what you are trying to accomplish with your outfit, in other words don’t wear a bracelet if you aren’t feeling it!

Layers as accents

Some of my examples are from my closet from years past, this is a great example of how keeping items in your closet you can use all year long is a great idea to help with styling outfits!

Some of my examples are recent purchases made from my Closet Candy Boutique

Monochromatic dressing is

Great for all seasons, and can be done with any color blue, white, grey, brown, taupe, pink, red, black (my favorite color to do monochromatic outfitting)

The Most important part is to

Have fun, getting dressed should be fun, it should not be a bore or feel like a chore, it should be fun and exciting just remember that!

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