Small steps to BIG dreams

You have to start somewhere, my mom often tells me!!! Everyone starts at the bottom or with zero sales, zero views, zero likes, zero followers…


You have to start somewhere, my mom often tells me!!! Everyone starts at the bottom or with zero sales, zero views, zero likes, zero followers

I am finally after all the years listening to her tell me this, I am getting it!

If your dreams don’t scare you, you aren’t dreaming big enough! The bigger the dream the scarier it will be!

Redefine your Closet with Danielle

The blog you are reading right now. I started 7 years ago as a way to share my new direct sales adventure with the world! My little corner of the internet has changed, grown, evolved over the past 7 years to what it is today, a STYLE resource for busy women!!!

I have always loved style, fashion and helping others so this blog is my heart!

Baby steps lead to Big Growth

7 years I have had a blog much has changed since I first started

  • Invested in my own domain
  • Branded my blog
  • Officially became a business
  • Started my own line of stylish stationary

Entrepreneur is in my blood

My dad was a professional photographer, had his own studio in our home! He was well known and respected in our community for his photography!

Growing up I always wanted my own business just like my dad.

I know he would be so proud!!!!

If at first you don’t succeed

You know how the saying goes… then try try again.

I tried my hand at ETSY in 2007 selling greeting cards, I knew absolutely nothing about it, I just made my cards, took halfway decent photos and listed… then I waited for a buyer!!!! Running an ETSY shop is so much more than that.

I know I needed something special

To go alongside my blog!!! But what exactly i wasnt quite sure till last July (a year ago this week)

I was creating my own planner for my Park Lane business and workbooks for our upcoming sparkle convention!

I decided to share it with other stylists by listing it on ETSY and voila

My own line of handmade stylish stationary was born, I started with just printables, now I have notepads, notebooks, stickers, and planners!!!!

Redefine your plans is growing, I am all in, I am 100% here for it!!!!

Small Business

Owning/running/operating a small business is not for the faint of heart.

There is so much to do as a small business owner it can be so very overwhelming

Most days I am working when my feet hit the floor in the morning (gotta have my coffee first) until I lay my head down to sleep at night.

Running a small business is so intense with everything that goes into

  • Product
    • research
    • design
    • creation
    • Merchandising
    • Listing and launching
  • Photography
  • Social media
  • Marketing
  • packaging
  • shipping
  • Customer service

Then you hear the cha-ching… you do a little happy dance, you just got a sale… someone bought a Product from your store(the BEST feeling)- CELEBRATE!!!!

You work super hard on product creation because it hits a little different when it is an order not a sample.

You pray as you prepare to ship it out that the product finds its way to its new home and the recipient is blessed, loving your product as much as you do!

Then the best thing(after the cha-ching of course) the buyer leaves you an amazing review of 5 stars!!!

It is different than anything else

Network marketing also known as direct sales, affiliate marketing and influence marketing is a field i truly believe in, being involved in some aspect of this space for thr majority of my adult life now. I love the direct sales/influence marketing space, but there is something completely different when you have your own business and it is you who is 100%responsible for success and failure.

The goal has always been for 100% customer satisfaction with any company I represent. With Redefine your plans it is of the utmost importance people are happy with their purchase, why reviews are such a big deal and mean so much!!!!

With direct sales I had goals but nothing like the goals I have with Redefine your plans!!!!






I had a mentor and great friend once t me that if a goal/dream/plan doesn’t scare you it isn’t big enough!!!

I took her words to heart and I can honestly tell you I am always a bit anxious with Redefine your plans goals/dreams/plan!!! My dreams are so big it is scary

The future is so bright and I hope you all stick around to see Redefine your plans become a household name!!!

Mark this date down because when we look back we can see this was thr start of something HUGE

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