Hourglass Body type and how to dress

Knowing your body shape is so important when building your wardrobe, and once you know your body shape and the styles that look best on you, shopping will be a breeze!



Hourglass body shape is the most coveted of all body shapes, girls you either have it or you don’t. The quicker we realize we have the body shape that we have and learn to dress for our shape the happier we will be with our wardrobes!

Knowing ones body type is important when building your wardrobe

anyone can wear whatever they are comfortable in. I am not here to tell you what to wear and what not to wear but I am here to help you look and feel your best everyday!


This body type is the most coveted of all body types! Women try their best to achieve an Hourglass figure through diet and exercise and surgical intervention!

know that we are born with our body shape because it is thr framework of our body, yes weight is going to fluctuate over time but our bone structure remains thr same!

Hourglass is thr most proportionate of all body types.


First grab your measuring tape a ribbon type measuring tape will work the best and you may want to grab a friend to help you!

-Gently wrap your measuring type around the widest part of your shoulders- this will give you the shoulder measurement

-Next you want to take your measuring tape and wrap around your bust next you are going to measure your natural waist the smallest part keep in mind that your natural waist will not be well defined in a rectangle

-Lastly you will measure the widest part of your hip/thigh area

Goal for dressing

You will want to draw attention towards your waist as it is the smallest part

don’t go with baggy clothes as this will end up looking frumpy and will overwhelm your body frame. Skin tight doesn’t necessarily always look the best either, well-fitted clothes is ways the way to go!

Closet obstacles

Your goal is to have well-fitted clothes and there is a fine line between well-fitted and too tight. Never want your clothes to be too tight! On the other hand you definitely do not want your clothes to overpower your figure, to hide it. Baggy and loose fitting clothing will not help you.

Closet Staples

  • TOPS
    • Wrap
    • Keyhole
    • Vneck
    • Peplume
    • Boatneck
    • motto
    • Belted
    • Cropped
    • Long-belted
    • High waisted
    • Flare
    • Wide leg
    • Skinny
    • Belted
    • Stretch
    • Flowy
    • High waist
    • Wrap
    • Fit/flare
    • Sheath
    • Jumpsuit
    • Mini

Shopping for your body Type

Be sure to grab my free download “ultimate guide to dressing for my body type”

Once you know your body type you will want to take inventory of what you have in your closet and what you need, take the guide shopping with you for an easy reference

You can shop Closet Candy Boutique for styles made for your hourglass body shape!

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