Rectangle body shape and what to wear

Intro You may be a rectangle if you wear the same size on the top and the bottom, your waistline is not overly defined, and…



You may be a rectangle if you wear the same size on the top and the bottom, your waistline is not overly defined, and your shape is straighter than curvy. The goal for dressing is to create curves and define the waist. This post and free guide(grab the freebie below) will show you how to create curves!


First grab your measuring tape a ribbon type measuring tape will work the best and you may want to grab a friend to help you!

-Gently wrap your measuring type around the widest part of your shoulders- this will give you the shoulder measurement

-Next you want to take your measuring tape and wrap around your bust next you are going to measure your natural waist the smallest part keep in mind that your natural waist will not be well defined in a rectangle

-Lastly you will measure the widest part of your hip/thigh area

Goals for dressing- How to create curves

To create curves and define the waist we will accomplish this through

  • belts
  • mid-waist trousers
  • belted jackets

Draw attention to your waist

avoid any straight line silhouettes (trousers and jackets)

Wardrobe obstacles

Pants are not going to be an obstacle for rectangle shape! Rectangles can wear any pant style; loose-fitting even leggings are going to look fabulous since they highlight your curves

Jeans you should start looking at mid-rise jeans as your waist will be the focus instead of being hidden

Wardrobe staples

Anything that helps to define your waist and accentuate your curves

Style Help

These are the styles you should have the most in your closet

  • Tops
    • Scoopneck
    • vneck
    • sweetheart
    • detailed color
  • Pants
    • palazzo pants
    • flowy
    • pleated
    • printed
    • flare
    • straight
  • Jackets
    • trench
    • duster
    • belted
    • vest
  • Dress
    • fit and flare
    • belted
    • ruched
    • puff sleeve
  • skirts
    • maxi
    • pencil
    • flare

Body shape/weight/size

Keep in mind that when measuring your shoulders, bust, waist and hips that these measurements are similar in size when you are a rectangle

Styles from Closet Candy Boutique

There are so many styles you can pull off as a rectangle and you can find those here

Other body shapes

Be sure to check out the other body shapes and the wrap up post which will help to design you a perfect wardrobe for your body shape

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