Dopamine Dressing- TREND ALERT

Dopamine Dressing Dopamine dressing is getting dressed for you, dressed to make you smile, to make you happy! For 2 years now we have adopted…


Dopamine Dressing

Dopamine dressing is getting dressed for you, dressed to make you smile, to make you happy!

For 2 years now we have adopted a comfy casual style snd with everything going on in our world we could use some happiness, even if it comes from our wardrobe.

What is Dopamine?

Dopamine is a type of neurotransmitter or chemical messenger that our body produces to send messages between our nerve cells

Dopamine plays a role in how we feel pleasure

The hormone Dopamine often referred to as the happy hormone, dopamine dressing is to dress happy!

Dress Happy

After the past two years we have lived through I think we can all get on board with a fashion trend that is all about making us happy! Dressing happy should always be a trend, if it makes you happy wear it, no matter what others think!

What does color have to do with it?

Colors have long been attributed to emotions and our mood. The term ” I am seeing red” is used to describe anger, frustration while blue is mostly attributed to calmness.

What if the colors we wear somehow affect our mood?

The idea of dopamine dressing is hitting fashionistas in a big way in 2022!

Dressing in a way to make you happy is quite a concept that interests me, I am ready to start dressing for me for the sole intention of making me feel happy and good!

Think of it

For the past 2 years we have been in a pandemic– our whole world has changed, many people were sent home to work remote, many lost their jobs. Not going out of your home and not seeing other people made most of us not care how we looked, not care what we wore. During the We began dressings for comfort rather than for aesthetics. Long before the Pandemic arrived on the scene we dressed for looks not comfort we squeezed ourselves into pants and blazers with the most uncomfortable shapewear underneath.

Comfort has arrived and not going anywhere

Now, that we are re-emerging post-pandemic fashions are looking more comfortable and less restrictive, which makes us happy. Getting dressed solely the purpose making us happy, and because of that we will look good too!

Introducing Dopamine dressing

Getting dressed for you and not to be seen necessarily but to make you happy is dopamine dressing!

I love this idea. I mean have you ever had an outfit on that made you feel like you could conquer the world? An outfit that made you happy and excited each time you wear it! An outfit you cant wait to put back on?

That right there my friend is Dopamine dressing!


Q:Do I have to wear bright/bold colors to be considered dopamine dressing?

A: Absolutely not! Black can initiate the release of dopamine. Think about what colors make you the happiest! Make a list of

  • Colors with emotions
    • happy
    • sad
    • angry
  • Prints, do you love prints or do you not love prints

Q:How can I implement dopamine dressing into my wardrobe?

A: As you get dressed start taking notes of

  • How does the outfit make you feel
    • are you comfortable
    • are you uncomfortable
  • What is your confidence level?
    • feel like you can conquer the world while wearing this outfit
    • feel like you need to hide
  • What emotions are brought up with the outfit
    • happy
    • sad
    • mad

Be sure to take your selfie, a full length mirror selfie is best but this is imperative for you to see what others see when they look at you (does it match your feelings above?)

Dopamine basics

If the outfit makes you happy and looks good on you then this is dopamine dressing and should be part of your wardrobe!

Don’t forget about the accessories

Accessories can help with dopamine dressing!

  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Jewelry
  • Hats

Accessories play a role in dopamine dressing!

See the pieces that could be dopamine dressing… keeping in mind that what is dopamine dressing for me may not be dopamine dressing for you(this is an individualized wardrobe concept!)

Body shapes

To dress happy we need to know our body shape see these blog posts about body shapes

Some examples

Start filling your closet with dopamine

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