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Knowing your body shape is important when building your wardrobe It is important to understand that every body is different we are all made unique…


Knowing your body shape is important when building your wardrobe

It is important to understand that every body is different we are all made unique and wonderfully and part of loving ourselves we must be confident and love our body no matter what shape it is! There is no perfect body shape. Although media likes to tell us girls that hourglass should be our ultimate goal.

You are given a body shape

This does not change no matter how much we diet and exercise, although we can gain weight and loose weight, we can build muscles but our skeletal body frame doesn’t change(baring plastic surgery to remove ribs and such, which I do not recommend from a medical perspective).

What is body shape?

The main shape of your body from your shoulders to you hips

Different body shapes

  • Hourglass
  • triangle
  • inverted triangle
  • rectangle
  • round/oval

How to figure out your body shape?

Grab a measuring tape and you may want to grab a friend too it will make it easier but not necessary you can measure all on your own

Get to measuring

  • Measure your shoulders- at the widest part
  • measure your bust
  • measure your natural waist- smallest part- natural waist
  • measure your hips- top of thigh- widest part

Record your measurements

What is your body shape?

  • Hourglass- your proportions are equal you have a very defined waist the shoulders and waist is equal and most of the time you have a larger bust (not necessary to be considered an hourglass)
  • triangle- shoulders and bust measurements are narrower than hips, you have a fairly defined waist and thin arms
  • Inverted triangle- shoulders and bust are larger than your narrow hips
  • round- bust is the largest measurement hips are narrower and your midsection is fuller
  • rectangle- waist measurements are approximately the same to your hips or bust and your hips and shoulders are the same measurement. Straight body structure

Not set in stone

Important to take note that there are variations to the main body shapes and it is possible that you are multiple shapes(and that is okay!) Some examples of variations

  • spoon- similar to triangle
  • top hourglass
  • bottom hourglass
  • diamond
  • athletic

All bodies

All bodies are beautiful and should be celebrated, knowing your body shape can help you figure out the clothes that look best on you and will help you feel more confident in your skin!

I am in no way here to tell you what to wear or what not to wear! Anyone can wear whatever they want and feel comfortable in. I am here to help you look your best everyday!

Diet and exercise

Diets are definitely appropriate to get healthy but should never be used to try to change your body shape

Style for body shapes

Over the next few blog posts we will be going over some style tips for each body shape

  • Rectangle
  • triangle
  • circle
  • inverted triangle
  • hourglass


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