Body Shape 101

Body shape 101 is like a into college course to help you to determine your body shape. Getting to know your body shape is important…

Infographic showing the different body shapes for body shape 101 guide you can get for free!

Body shape 101 is like a into college course to help you to determine your body shape. Getting to know your body shape is important when shopping for and building your capsule wardrobe!

The sooner we can all find our body shape and accept that is our body shape and then figure out the clothes and styles that look best on us the happier and more confident be will be.

What is Body Shape?

Body shape is something that we are born with, it is the framework of our Body, how our skeletal system is shaped and although we may grow taller, we may gain and loose weight throughout the years our body shape remains.

In the society we live in today there is so much pressure on girls to look a certain way, dress a certain way. We can always want a certain body type that we don’t have. Social media is not a good representation of reality a lot of photos on social media are photoshopped and filtered, it isn’t real life, it can make us feel that we should fit into a certain body shape type!

it is super important to love who you are in the body you have, and to celebrate your body, have you heard the term body positivity? Yea it is a huge thing right now, celebrate curves if you’ve got them, celebrate a straight silhouette if that is what youve got!!!

If we are unhappy with our body shape, which is out of our control, not much can change our body shape! What we can control is what we wear and how we look.

Body Shape 101

This blog series is to help you understand body shapes, that every body is a good beautiful body and to help you fill your closet with clothes that make you look and feel your best!

In this blog series I will be covering; measuring for your body type, goals of dressing your body type, wardrobe Staples for your body type, wardrobe obstacles for your body type.

I am not here to tell you what not to wear, I am just here to tell you what looks best on your body shape. you wear what makes you comfortable and what you are confident in!


Self-Confidence is going to have to come from within. I do believe if we can get your near perfect wardrobe that self-confidence will fall into place. When you wear clothes that are made for your body shape, compliments are going to start coming in. Compliments will help confirm what you see in the mirror as true, and your confidence will grow!

Body Shapes

There are 5 main body types, sometimes people can fit into more than one category. We will be reviewing all 5 body shapes; rectangle, circle, triangle, inverted triangle, hourglass!

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