Swim Trends for 2022

Swim Trends for 2022 featuring Closet Candy Bout


Swim Trends

The unofficial start to summer is here!!!! Even though summer doesn’t officially start until June, I am here for swim season, pool days, days at the lake on the boat, hot weather, garden time and beach vacations.

This post is going to cover the swim trends you will be seeing. Also, a guide to buying your swimsuit!

Have you gotten your swimsuit yet?

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Lets talk about Swim trends today

  • bold colors
  • textures
  • belted swim
  • cutouts

You will also find

  • 3 piece suits
  • glitter suits
  • shiny metallic suits

Bold Colors

This season get prepared to see bold and beautiful swim options. The brighter the better. Black swimsuits are chic and sexy and will always be in style so don’t get rid of any of your black bathing suits. This year consider adding a bold swimsuit to your wardrobe. Nothing says I am confident in who I am like a bright bold swimsuit


It is all about a full sensory experience this swim season. We are seeing different fabrics and combinations of fabrics like French terry, mesh, velvet, slick metallic. Don’t be afraid to try different textures this season.

Belted Swim

A belt helps to define our natural waist and helps to make our outfit look chic, sophisticated and put together. The same is true for swim. This year we are seeing functional belts and decorative belts, belts that buckle and belts that tie. Elevate your swimsuit this season!

Gold hoops

Gold hoops have long been a staple in jewelry boxes and have recently been trending jewelry must have. This season we are seeing the same concept as a pair of gold hoops added to swim. Gold hoop accents added to swim think of it like jewelry for your swimsuit. The gold hoops can be small or can be fairly large and what holds the swimsuit together.


This season we are seeing the resurgence of the monokini… did you know that the first monokini arrived on the scene in 1964 a cross between a bikini and one piece. Have you ever had a monokini? I have a monokini for this season! Don’t worry cutouts don’t have to be that dramatic to still be trendy. We are seeing lots of suits with keyhole cutout, cutouts in the suit with mesh cover, shoulder cut outs, side cutouts, back cut outs and more!

How to have a swim body?

Have a body, seriously there is no requirement other than to have a body, so if you have a body you can wear a swimsuit!!!! You can find a swimsuit that fits you and looks good on you no matter your size! Check out my dressing for your body type series

Confidence is all you need

There is no age limit to wearing swimsuits/ bikini’s… wear what you are comfortable and confident in. There is no body size/shape requirement to wear a certain swimsuit… it does not matter what size you are, that is just a number and what shape you are, you are born with your shape(more about that in other blog posts)No matter your size or shape you wear what makes you comfortable and confident and don’t care what others think, they can have their opinions but what they think should not affect you in a negative way to where you won’t wear a swimsuit! Wear the swimsuit!!!

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