So are you still wearing a bra?

I was born in the 80s

I grew up in the 90s

In 2020 I will have lived in 4 different decades and 2 different millennia

and I am only 33 😲

But one thing I don’t remember or didn’t live through was the burn your bra movement in 1968 when women took items that oppressed them(mops, lipstick, bras) and symbolically threw them away

This was a whole 18 years before I was even born.

So now I don’t want you to miss my point when I say ditch your bra… this is not exactly the same thing as it was in 1968

I want to free your girls from the entrapment known as the bra, free them from that pesky underwire(which in a future blog post I am going to tell you how bad they are for breast health)

I never intend for you to just walk around with nothing on but rather to replace your bra with a healthier comfier alternative

The Ruby Ribbon Cami or Demiette

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Author: redefineyourclosetwithdanielle

I am a Personal Wardrobe Stylist and Closet Whisperer with Ruby Ribbon! By Day I teach allied Health mainly Medical Coding, I am a Certified Medical Coder, Auditor and Instructor through the AAPC. I love learning new techniques, skills, and subjects, I am currently enrolled at Capella getting my Masters Degree in Public Health! I absolutely love Ruby Ribbon, my business not only helps me to pay for fun activities for my family but also helps me empower women through confidence building clothes and fashion. I have always loved blogs, reading and writing so here I am I hope that you enjoy this blog and if you are interested in learning more about what I do at Ruby Ribbon please contact me!

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