Intermittent fasting

So new diet trends pop up continually, some are so outlandish with such strict rules no one can be successful!

Most recently I decided not only did I want to loose some extra unwanted weight but I also wanted to feel healthier

I began researching some diets that I thought perhaps I could try… when I ran across intermittent fasting the 16:8 ratio the fast for 16 hours eat for 8 hour plan

I remember a time I did not like breakfast, rarely if ever did I eat breakfast. Until I grew a bit older and saw where breakfast was the most important meal of the day. I started eating breakfast daily

The 16:8 fast you would essentially not eat breakfast your first and largest meal would be lunch at 12:00 (noon) you will have a midday snack a dinner and after dinner snack stopping all eating at 8PM

So then I began thinking could I do this? I mean there are days i felt i would never make it to lunch after eating breakfast so how would i do skipping breakfast?

The first day was no too bad it was Thursday, I packed some extra snacks in case I couldn’t make it. I drank 17 ounces of water all morning… it was 11 AM 1 hour to go I began getting hungry I was determined at that point to make it!!

For lunch that day I enjoyed my noodles with broccoli and cheese, and a little debbie oatmeal cake. I drank 17 ounces of water after lunch

For dinner I had half portion mashed potatoes, half bucket steak gravy and double portion zucchini

I was pleasantly full and felt very successful ready to tackle this intermittent fasting, I felt lighter inside and I felt overall good

Friday went well no breakfast again lunch was veggie tacos from chipotle dinner was left overs… again felt GREAT

Saturday I decided to have breakfast so I switched up my fast and started eating at 9AM and quit eating at 5(I am not too strict on myself)

Sunday I did not fast at all except the last thing I ate was before 8 so I could resume fasting schedule werk 2

So far so good, I actually feel better, feel more energized I reat better my tummy feels better, I hope to loose my weight too but overall I am already very pleased with the lifestyle change AKA the diet

I will post more in the coming days… werks about my progress

I urge you to research this diet it may not be for you but then again it might just be the easiest most effective diet ever!!!

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