Are you getting ready…

… to start going back out into the world? So we have been in a stay at home order here in WV since March 23rd…


… to start going back out into the world?

So we have been in a stay at home order here in WV since March 23rd 😲

7 weeks is a long time and honestly I have gotten so used to being at home I really don’t mind it much anymore and a little nervous about re-emerging actually😬

It has been 9 weeks since I have eaten out in a restaraunt!!! Now I have ordered to go and still supported my favs but mostly eating homemade meals at home 🏡 which has been wonderful!!!

A few weeks back I thought about this day a lot, the day we go back to somewhat a new normal, what would it look like, where would I go first?

Well I am happy to announce today is the day we are resuming our Friday girls night out adventures(me, my mom and her bestie… they are like Lucy and Ethel🤣)

You never know what we will get into but you can rest assured we will have fun doing whatever we do!!!

I am excited too because this will he the first time since starting my jewelry business I will get to wear my jewelry outside my house… its the small things I know but still very exciting

You all must be wondering where in the world are we going?

… we are going to be going to…

The Tortilla Factory!!! A local Mexican restaraunt one of my favorites

I have already picked out my outfit too I cannot wait

I picked a solid t-shirt so I can accessorize better

It is like painting a picture you always want to start with a blank canvas ✨

Green is my typical go to color for Fridays Go Marshall whether it is football season or not 💚🏈💚

I will be pairing this shirt with a pair of levis jeans and either sandals or my converse tennis shoes🤔

We are all in this together, we need to remember to be patient, our government is doing the very best with what they have to work with to get us back to normal while keeping us as safe as possible!!!

There are going to be those who are ready and have been ready and are kind of irrational and somewhat rude about hurrying up and reopening… just remember while you may be more than ready there are others who are not

There are those who are at a higher risk, those who are immune compromised or have immune compromised family members, those individuals who are affiliated in someway with the medical field who know the risks and would rather not take them.

This virus is not a joke…this virus is not just the seasonal flu… this virus is serious and should not be made light of.

Since we are beginning to reopen just keep these things in mind stay distanced from people(this means don’t crowd people in the lines)

If you don’t want to wear a mask or face covering that is your right… but it is also my right to wear one. No judgements if you don’t wear one no judgements if you do wear one.

Another point to think about…my brother in love has asthma really bad… he cannot physically wear a mask, anyone who has chronic lung diseases cannot wear a mask but getting this virus could prove to be life threatening to these individuals. Those who are able physically to wear a mask do it for those who cannot.

So many cute fashionable options for face coverings out there right now we don’t have an excuse.

Some say masks don’t help… not wearing them then! Well not wearing a mask definitely won’t help I am not taking any chances I will wear a mask❤

I will post later about our experience at dinner

Until then happy Friday!!!


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