During quarantine I kept thinking how cool it would be to go on a picnic. Which is probably the funniest thing ever considering I dont really like the idea of eating outside.

Then our state began its re-opening plan and made it to where restaurants who had outside eating could re-open, Okay I am good with that.

We have eaten mexican outside, pizza outside, BBQ outside, ice cream outside, sandwiches outside, fish outside… anywhere that has outdoor seating we would go.

But what about a picnic? wouldnt that be fun?

Every Friday night we (my mom and me) take my moms friend out for dinner and we call it girls night out and we typically make them into tiny adventures were we end up laughing so hard we cry, it is so much fun!

So last week after the mis adventure we had (that will have to be a whole other post on its own) I decided that this week it would be perfect time to try having a picnic!

I planned it all out, I gathered my supplies and presented the plan to my mom who said this sounds fun and lets make this a fun surprise.

I arranged to pick our friend up at 4:30PM the picnic supplies in the back of my car

we began driving, got on interstate drove for 20 minutes and got off went into Captain D’s parking lot which was empty she said “no one is here!” then there was a sign that said Drive thru only! PERFECT!!!!

We ordered our 3 piece fish meals and drove off to the local park found us a nice picnic table under a shelter and began setting everything up. I brought a tablecloth, paper plates, real silverware, sweet tea my mom made, ice and cups, salt/pepper, ketchup, ranch and lots of napkins

We had the best time eating our fish outside alone there was not anyone else there and then we packed up and left went to DQ to try the new drumstick blizzard which I am not a big fan I would rather have my heath or oreo blizzard but at least I tried it.

Have you ever had a picnic? if not you should definitely try it, super fun!

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