2 years with Park Lane

2 years with Park Lane Jewelry can you believe it?March 2020, the whole world was starting to shut down, I had transitioned to work from…


2 years with Park Lane Jewelry can you believe it?March 2020, the whole world was starting to shut down, I had transitioned to work from home(I am a compliance officer for a very large multi-specialty group practice/ medical school). I was about stressed to the max!

A friend invited me to her virtual Park Lane party. I was excited because it gave me something to look forward to and I needed a fun, relaxing evening.

I Immediately fell in love with Park Lane Jewelry, I just knew I had to have my own virtual party.

During my own party the very next week I was offered the amazing opportunity and I said YES!!!!!!

All the emotions

Overwhelmed was the main emotion, I just kept thinking jewelry cant be that hard, can it…. or could it?

Learning curve

There was definitely a learning curve for me, mixed with the fact we were in the middle of a global pandemic, yeah I was overwhelmed and it was an uphill battle to start.

The Key

The key to direct sales success is to surround yourself with mentors who know the business, whose business you want to emulate, be coachable if asked to do something try it give it your all, if you fail go back to the drawing board and try again.

Consistency is a Huge part of success in anything, to find your groove and stay there

1 out of every 10 or so they say

There is a saying in direct sales… “its a number game, you just need to know how to play”! For every 10 people you ask or share your business with 1 will respond positively. So for example booking parties you ask 10 women before you get 1 yes. The no’s are hard to take especially for an enneagram type 2 (that is me)!

I remember wanting to be successful here so bad and so when they told me the 1 out of 10 trick I just knew I could get more! I sat down and jotted names down before I knew it I had over 100 names, now it was time to begin reaching out…(this was not fun for me)

Every single reach out was a NO and not just a slight no but a hard no it was almost as if they were yelling at me, some said “I don’t support stuff like that!” “I don’t do parties” “I don’t wear jewelry, and a few even accused me of being insensitive, “How could you ask at a time like this, we are in a pandemic!” That last one hurt me pretty deep. I would never intentionally be insensitive to anyone!

Excited to be sharing sparkle 2 years with Park Lane Jewelry

Tears began flowing

I cried a lot but what I didn’t do was quit, oh I could have easily quit several times but my momma didnt raise a quitter!

Instead I dug my heels in and became a sponge trying to learn and absorb everything I possibly could about jewelry, Park Lane, our team, and direct sales industry!

9 months later

9 months after I joined park Lane I relaunched my business, this time I was seeing results, was I a millionaire? not even close but hey my success wasn’t being measured on my earnings!

I learned that as soon as you stop your hustle you start falling backwards and consistency is key, staying consistent even on the hard days is 100% necessary to success!

Celebrating 2 years with Park Lane Jewelry

When I started

I didn’t know what a facebook party was, or how to do one. did not even know what a ring light was, I didn’t have a display for my jewelry or know how to style it! I had a lot to learn and by georgie that is what I did!

Getting ready for a photoshoot with new jewelry!

2 years down and a long time to go

I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me. It really is about the journey not really about the destination.

I have learned so much over the past 2 years. I will continue to lean in and learn and grow because I can do hard things!!!

Sparkle after a virtual party!

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