Ruby Ribbon OG

I am just about, well I guess I am considered one of the OGs the originals group of stylisys who led the way, paved the path to success for all the thousands of RR stylisys today.

That is success, seeing all that hard work paid off is a good feeling for sure.

I remember signing up seems like yesterday but it was over 6 years ago now!!!

We had a limited selection of items but what got my attention was the cami, full suppory and classic(although we call it light suppirt now)

The cami is what made Ruby Ribbon, Ruby Ribbon, it is what our company was founded on, what she was built on.

So it is very fitting that on the day before our National conference RUNWAY Iwould choose to share the original Ruby Ribbon cami that you can still get today by going here

Contact me today so you can say #byebyebra

Author: redefineyourclosetwithdanielle

I am a Personal Wardrobe Stylist and Closet Whisperer with Ruby Ribbon! By Day I teach allied Health mainly Medical Coding, I am a Certified Medical Coder, Auditor and Instructor through the AAPC. I love learning new techniques, skills, and subjects, I am currently enrolled at Capella getting my Masters Degree in Public Health! I absolutely love Ruby Ribbon, my business not only helps me to pay for fun activities for my family but also helps me empower women through confidence building clothes and fashion. I have always loved blogs, reading and writing so here I am I hope that you enjoy this blog and if you are interested in learning more about what I do at Ruby Ribbon please contact me!

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