Book Club week 5

This week hit a little close to home

To say my toes were stepped on is an understatement

This weeks Topic was Colorblindness

When white people say “I don’t even see color!” As I read that in the book, a large lump in the throat appeared and it suddenly became hard for me to swallow this. A statement I myself have said countless times.

Growing up with black people in my immediate family, I just always felt they were no different than me and I would always say I love black people I don’t even see color.

What that does though, as innocent as it seems it actually says to them that they do not matter, that we, white people don’t even see them for who they are…

Wow, I had to re-read this several times and let that sink in.

It was never my intention to make anyone feel that way. I am sad that I have been guilty of such things, I am determined to.learn though and do better.

Saying someone is black should not make us feel uncomfortable, yet for some reason it does, we are taught from a young age not to call black people black, that the term is somehow derogatory or a negative term… in reality it is their truth it is who they are and we should as white people acknowledge this.

See black people as black people and accept them for it, dont place them in a separate category just because it makes us feel some type of way, it isnt about us.

This is a very good book, whether you have ever considered yourself racist, had racial tendencies, exhibited white privelage or didn’t even realize what white privelage was, I would definitely recommend this book

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