Building a cheeseburger

I absolutely love grilling out

If you have followed along for anytime at all you can tell I love food, I mean I really LOVE food, it may be one of my favorite things to do, cook in the kitchen with my mom for others and gathering around a table with those I love yea it is my favorite!!! 🍔 😁

I love how you can really personalize and make unique cheeseburgers everytime

I wanted to share my step by step process of building one of my favorite cheeseburgers

Step 1: saute sliced onions and hot peppers(serano, jalapeño) in butter till very brown

Step 2: grill your seasoned burgers

Step 3: cook bacon on grill

Step 4: toast buns

Step 5: put a spoonful of onions and peppers

Step6: place a slice of cheese on top

Step7: place grilled burger on top of cheese

Step 8: place another slice of cheese on top

Step 9: place cooked crispy bacon on top of the second piece of cheese

Step 10: place 3 slices of dill pickles on top of the bacon

Step 11: place a handful of shredded iceberg lettuce on top and sprinkle salt and pepper

Step 12: place your favorite condiment on the bun hat(mine is hidden valley secret sauce)

Ta Da you have a beautiful cheeseburger with lots of spice and tang

Best served with fries fixed in the oven

I fixed a little nacho cheese to dip the fries in

I know I know many probably are saying you are missing a fat slice of tomato from your garden… tomatoes are just not my thing, I love the look of them, love the idea of them, I just can’t deal with the taste of fresh tomatoes, I keep thinking maybe one day but not so far…plus they make such a mess. Anyway, I love my homemade cheeseburger and hope it motivates you to grill out one day this week!!!

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