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Okay so I am a bag person, I love bags and although I have plenty stored away I like new ones each time I travel, I love Bags all shapes and sizes.

So I began searching for the perfect backpack to take on trips and I found this one from Amazon

What initially attracted me to this bag was the built in sunglasses case, I mean who doesn’t need one of those and then all of those pockets, wow!!!

the color options were great too and it has a place to charge your devices very neat

Okay so I placed my order and anxiously awaited for its arrival

It arrived and of course it was like Christmas morning digging into the massive box though all of the bubble wrap it arrived in.

I initially loved the bag, I put it on and walked around it was super comfortable with the very padded back and straps, I was happy.

I began thinking what all I would stuff in all of those pockets… this bag has a lot of pockets

So when traveling with a carry on and a purse and a laptop and tablet and phone I felt like everything I would need would fit in this bag and be terrific!

I began filling it up with items I would “need” for travel and before too long the bag was stuffed to the brim almost hard to zip up

I placed it on my back and felt like I was going to fall over it was so heavy and no amount of padding would have helped with this. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought wow it is huge it stuck way out not like it did when it was empty of course.

So now what will I do? I love the bag, but not really for my trip.

I know I will use it for work when I have meetings or conferences it would be perfect for that with its included external charging port, tablet case and laptop case along with a place for my purse, a notebook/pen and bottle of water it would be perfect for work trips and business functions where I would be all day or would be perfect for college or high school students

This bag is perfect just not for my leisure trip, where I dont want a lot of extra heavy baggage.

If you are looking for a good work backpack or school backpack I would recommend this one for sure and you can get it here

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