Have you ever dreamed of

Owning your own business? Yes, a million times yes 🙌🏻 For me I grew up in an entrepreneurial family, my dad ran his own photography…


Owning your own business?

Yes, a million times yes 🙌🏻

For me I grew up in an entrepreneurial family, my dad ran his own photography business, we even had a dark room and studio in our house(yea it was way before digital age of ohotography)

I dreamed of one day owning my own store like a little boutique in town.

Now that was never my dream for my full time career I just wanted that on the side, because I was going into the medical field… but can’t we have it all?

I am happy to report that I am living out my dream

Do I have a small boutique in town? No but what I have is even better than that!

I have my own jewlery boutique representing the most awesome jewelry company in the world… Park Lane

I can literally sell from anywhere and my shop is always open even when I am sleeping or traveling or working my full time job.

Is any of this intriguing you? Even just a little bit?

Welcome to the most amazing world of Direct Sales where you can be the CEO of your own business

You say when you work

You say where you work

You say how much or how little you work

You make the rules

You don’t have to answer to no one you call the shots

So I have been in the direct sales space since I was a senior in high school

What… seriously?


When I was a senior I started selling Mark a teen company/brand associated with avon when I turned 18 I began selling the main line of Avon… I will always remember carrying my samples and my books everywhere I went. 

I sold quite a bit of Avon throughout college, never built a team or grew in the company but i had lots of fun and it gave me extra spending money…. which was nice for a college student.

Then I joined Close to My Heart. This time you could say I was a kit napper, I just wanted stamps and craft supplies for me, never really wanted to sell it, or build a business.

In 2013 I found a life changing direct sales experience and it is called Ruby Ribbon

I actually worked this like a business, I had goals, dreams and worked hard, I built a team and became the youngest leader at the time.  This was a huge accomplishment for me

Then life got in the way… which is one of the reasons I LOVE direct sales… guess what it doesnt matter because remember you are in charge.

I went back to school to get my Masters degree and then changed careers

All the while Ruby Ribbon was there

2020 happened and you know we were in the middle of this global pandemic.

My Ruby Ribbon leader and mentor/friend invited me to her Park Lane Party on FB and since I wanted to support my friend but also wanted something fun to do while in quarantine I accepted the invite.

I was immediately blown away with how Park Lane treats customers(like gold)

I decided I needed to host a show of my own because they treat their hostesses like royalty!!!! Where else csn you get $400 in free jewelry?

Then I was offered the opportunity to join and thought no because I am with Ruby Ribbon, no I dont think so but when I realized that the stylists are treated like family I knew I couldn’t resist.

Park Lane where customers are treated like gold, hostesses are treated like royalty and stylists are treated like family❤

April 1st 2020 I joined Park Lane and it has been the most fun I have had in a really long time

What are you thinking right now? Maybe that I wouldn’t be any good, I couldn’t sell it, or maybe you are thinking sign me up right now(yay let’s do it email me or go to my website to sign up today!!!)

Would you like to earn free jewelry, free trips, free car(a Mercedes at that)?

Would you like to earn extra money to play with or buy Christmas gifts?

Would you like to be able to stay at home more with your kids, or replace your corporate career?

Would you like a discount/rebate on your own jewelry purchases?

Well if you answered yes to any of those… good news you can do it, you can be successful you dont even need experience

Out of all the companies I have been with, I have never seen as much support and training as we have available to us at Park Lane!

I mean for judt $99.00 you get $500+ in jewelry of your choice and your website

Guess what…. if you never sell anything you will still be a stylist but the sky is the limit you can do hard things and you can do great things with Park Lane!!!

I would love to welcome you to my team and the awesome treasure tribe

You can have your own business where no goal/dream is too big or too small

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