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When you are in business for yourself GOALS will be like your GPS. How you get to where you are going! Goals are important in…


When you are in business for yourself GOALS will be like your GPS. How you get to where you are going!

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Goals are important in business and I personally set several different goals each day, week, month, quarter and year!

As we are now in Q4 the biggest sales quarter of the year I have some pretty large goals ahead of me.

It is important to sit down and brainstorm about your goals, make a plan of action and follow through.

It is also important to share your goals with someone in your life who will hold you accountable, someone who will not bring you down who will support you even if you dont meet that goal but will be there every step of the way supporting you and cheering you on but can still be honest with you even if it is brutally honest.

Here is just one story of me reaching for a goal…

So I really wanted to be a prima leader of my company I was with. I met with my sponsor who told me exactly what I needed to do, have 3 active recruits and 1500 in team sales each month for 3 consecutive months. I thought I could do that. Then she asked me when I wanted to meet this goal…. When would I want to meet the goal???? I sat there like a deer in headlights I didn’t know you needed to put a deadline on the goal? I shrugged my shoulders and said I don’t know. She said that the goal was possible but it would be very difficult to do in short term I would probably need at least a year if not longer but she would help me work toward my goal if I could provide a time frame. I thought about it for a minute and said I would like to have it by my one year anniversary as a stylist. She said alright lets get to work!

My goal was not going to happen over night not even within a couple of months but every day I got up and worked toward my goal of being leader. I worked at building my team but more importantly I worked at being consistent in my business, how could I lead a team without being consistent myself without working my business.

My goal date was December 18th 2014

In January 2014 I signed my first stylist to my team and we worked the business together her house was 10 minutes from me and it was fun, we did vendor events open houses and trunk shows. I continued working on recruiting but didn’t find that to be easy, I began working with my stylist for her to build a team herself, she recruited a stylist.

In July I signed my second stylist who lived about 1 hour away but it was a nice drive in the mountains and I drove there several times a month to help launch her business to which she also signed her best friend so now we have a team of 5 I needed one more personal recruit and I would have leader.

In September I signed my third stylist who lived about 30 minutes from me, the distance between my stylists were great because we could really build in our own space without interfering with each others business. I felt really good about it.

I had 3 recruits now to get my sales up and get it consistent for the last three months of the year and we would have leader.

I really worked my circle and booked as many trunk shows as I could I had a big goal that now seemed so close, I was getting excited!

December 18th I was announced as leader, and not just a leader but the youngest leader, this was huge.

I set a goal that seemed so huge but every day, every week, every month I worked toward the goal in little steps. The goal wasn’t reached by just wanting it (I really wanted it!!!) It was reached by working hard, it was reached with determination, it was reached by focusing!

I made my goal in January and then made a plan to get my goal, I followed through, and had people in my corner who were honest with me who checked on me and the status of my goals.

My sponsor would call me each week and ask me what steps I had taken to reach my goal, if I had not done anything she would call me out(in the nicest way possible), I think that only happened once because I didnt want that to happen again 🙂

My cheerleaders were cheering me on each step of the way and when I thought I had come up short they were there offering a shoulder to cry on(working on goals can be super fun but can also be tough on your emotions, I shed many tears that year I was working on my big goal)

When I made it and they announced it those same cheerleaders celebrated with me!

So what are your goals? want to get a promotion, want to build a team, want to get consistent with your business, want to earn a real income? want to have fun? want to earn a trip? want to earn a car?

No matter how big or how little your goals are they are YOUR GOALS! and worth working toward

The first thing you need to know is what is your why?(more about that here)

Next what do you want from your business?(what is your goals?)

Next you will want to figure out how you can meet your goal, your sponsor up line or teammates can help you with this, goals are not a single sport you need people in your corner. Working on goals takes a team of people, people who have your back, people who bring positivity to your life(keep the negativity away).

Be a goal crusher… go after your dreams…

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