Ceramic Christmas

Ceramic Christmas Trees are making a huge comeback in 2020 and boy did we find a treasure in our attic!!!


Oh my oh my seeing these ceramic Christmas trees everywhere… on Amazon

Also at Walmart, Michaels Arts and Crafts, Kohls and even more stores!

It is 2020 and my goal is to have the most Christmas in my house than I have ever had, even getting the Dickenson village back out(haven’t had it out in years) I have always loved Christmas and love every part of decorating, but with our busy work schedule we usually only have time for a tree.

2020 has been the most bizarre year that I can remember ever having… I am 34 but still.

As crazy as it has been I have enjoyed the slower pace of life, more time spent at home with our immediate family… being on a farm our bubble includes my moms siblings and my cousins❤

So I begged mom, well come to think of it it didn’t really take too much convincing to get her to crawl back into the attic to retrieve the Christmas village(you are probably thinking why don’t you do it, you’re younger… yes that is right and its a long story)

While she was in the attic she said oh I bet I know whats in this box… what box? I asked with excitement.

As she backed out of the attic she had a huge cardboard box in her hands and when she opened it up this is what we saw

A bunch of crumpled up old newspaper

I was so anxious to see what was inside….

A treasure for sure!!!

A vintage Ceramic Christmas Tree!!! I was ecstatic like a kid on Christmas literally.

Excited because this tree means something it was handmade and my mom’s friend and long time next door neighbor… before we moved to the farm gave it to my parents… how sweet!!!

I am a very sentimental person, many would maybe not even care, wouldn’t hold on to something like that, but it means something to me.

Check out that brown newspaper this tree was wrapped in…

October 12th 1978… 42 years ago

We brought it downstairs very carefully and sat it on our sofa table, plugged it in and wow it all works and is beautiful

ceramic Christmas trees are making a BIG comeback this year and yea you can find them at pretty much any store that sells Christmas decor!

Is it something you would incorporate into your decorations this year?

You can go here to Amazon and purchase the table top tree

Merry Christmas



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