Today more than ever before Self-Care is important! For years I thought self-care was selfish but there is a reason that flight attendants tell you…


Today more than ever before Self-Care is important!

For years I thought self-care was selfish but there is a reason that flight attendants tell you in case of loss of pressure oxygen masks will drop from above, please secure your mask before helping others.

Have we ever stopped to think about that? Loss of oxygen in the cabin and you are trying to help everyone get their mask on before you get yours on… you are going to pass out from lack of oxygen, now how much help can you be?

Self-care defined

what is self-care? Taking care of yourself, making sure that you are able to care for others, it is securing your oxygen mask before helping others. You won’t be much help if you lay passed out!

Big or Small

Self-Care can be spending a day at the spa or planning and going a week dream vacation but it can be as small as taking a deep breath!

45 self-care ideas for busy women

I put together a list of 45 ideas that can be good for self-care

Spiritual/Mental/Physical/ Emotional

Self-Care should take care of all your needs

SPIRITUAL– reading your Bible, spending time in prayer, talk to the Lord give your worries your concerns your praise to Him. Spend time in worship with God in the day… you don’t have to be in a church service to Worsip some of the most awesome worship times I have had it was just me and God driving down thr road! Some people have prayer closets, this is a great escape to get alone a place it is just you and God!

PHYSICAL– Taking care of our bodies is important; eating a healthy balanced diet, getting plenty of exercise, staying hydrated, and getting plenty of rest are all self-care activities that help us physically

MENTAL– This one is big our brains can get overwhelmed with daily processes, information overload sometimes it is nice to do a brain dump… this is like daydreaming but on paper; write everything that is on your mind until you don’t have anything else you are thinking about, and it doesn’t have to be organized or even make sense just get it out!!!

EMOTIONAL– Talking and spending time with those you care most about can do wonders for our emotional well being, cooking your favorite meal, sharing with those you care about and doing something nice/unexpected for someone!


Screentime…. today more than ever we have increased screen time. Monitoring screen time shouldn’t only be for children. As adults we can also get too much screentime from our phones, tablets, we stare at computer screens all day, our TV…

Increased screen time can overwhelm us and we don’t even realize it. A big part of self-care is taking a step away from social media, emails, news, screen time!

I can remember a time when everyone would get on social media for a break an escape from your day all the negative news on TV get on social media and look at fun things

Now we desperately need an escape from social media, ad it had become worse than the news… arguing separation… where did all the fun go? I hope it comes back but until then regularly scheduled breaks from social media is healthy and a good self-care activity

If no social media… then what?

Try something new, learning something new can be good for you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!!!

Go for a walk a long walk in nature- take it all in breathe in deeply and exhale as you walk in nature

Getaway to your favorite place spend time with those you love doing things you love

Get Creative- plan in a decorative planner, scrapbook, knit, crochet, make jewelry, paint, color, draw, create cards… getting creative helps us mentally, physically, emotionally

There is more than screens

See, there is a lot more we can do with our time than spending time on social media/internet/news/emails/gaming in front of screens!

Have a Blessed day and remember put Self-Care at the top of your priorities!

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