Philly cheesesteak- keto friendly

I know I am so late to the game but I discovered a great way to cut carbs but still enjoy your favorite foods! No,…


I know I am so late to the game but I discovered a great way to cut carbs but still enjoy your favorite foods!

No, I am not talking about transforming cauliflower I to something it never was intended to be either.

I am talking about using cheese as a bread alternative, gamechanger!!!

last week I started a diet of sorts(I use the term diet very loose, I like healthy eating better!!!)

I am low carb, high protein, little to no sugar and lots of water!!!!

we had Philly cheesesteaks on Tuesday and I looked at the bread, thr bun and thought what a waste of carbs, I need to find an alternative but that alternative cannot take anything away from the dish.

I began thinking about eating my Philly as a salad then thought I still wanted to eat it like I woukd as a sandwich so then I thought about a tortilla. So close to using a flour tortilla until it hit me… cheese!!!!

I remembered when keto diet became thr trend a few years ago and everyone was melting sheets of cheese to wrap up their meals.

So here is my recipe for these Philly steak wraps using provolone cheese

Philly cheesesteak- keto friendly

Recipe by The Closet CookCourse: Uncategorized


Prep time


Cooking time




  • Package of sirloin steak

  • 1 tbsp olive oil

  • 1 onion diced

  • 1/2 red bell pepper, 1/2 green bell pepper diced

  • 2 pieces of deli sliced provolone cheese per wrap

  • Season to your liking; garlic powder, season salt, philosophy steak seasoning


  • heat oil in large skillet
  • add diced onions and peppers cook until tender
  • remove onions and peppers and eat aside
  • Cook steak, season it as you cook it, chopping it into smaller pieces as it cooks
  • After the steak is completely cooked add onions and peppers and heat through
  • in a 350⁰ preheated oven place 2 deli slices provolone(per wrap) slightly overlapped on a silicon baking sheet (silpat)
  • Bake 10-12 minutes or until the cheese is melted golden brown around edges (watch close so not to burn)
  • remove from oven and let sit 5 minutes to cool for handling
  • pat with a paper town to absorb the grease
  • add 1 tablespoon of meat and mustard if you wish
  • roll the cheese around the meat mixture tightly
  • enjoy

I didn’t even miss the bread!!!! Very enjoyable and filling!!!!

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring and yucky, I am here for yummy healthy food, aren’t you?

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