Affiliate marketing versus Direct Selling

Have you ever seen someone share a gorgeous outfit, cute accessories and say “I want that outfit where did you get it?” Influencing is as…


Have you ever seen someone share a gorgeous outfit, cute accessories and say “I want that outfit where did you get it?”

Influencing is as old as time

I can remember being in elementary school and everyone asking me where I got my shoes, my outfit, my backpack, my school supplies…

In today’s social media and tech savvy world we now turn to IG, TikTok, Pinterest to help us with our style

Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing? I just found out recently that affiliate marketing is where a company pays a small commission when a person shares their products with others and those products are bought because of the person sharing them.

Companies can pay someone to advertise their products in print or other medias like TV and internet. Affiliate marketing pays real people who use the products and give their honest review(hopefully it is a good review to get more sales)

Real people advertising clothing, jewelry, skincare, and more!

Affiliate marketers can share the products on their social media, with friends/family in person and even through their blog/website!

Affiliate marketing is not multi-level network marketing and not direct selling as thr salea and customer service is handled through the company not the affiliate marketer, this sounds like a good deal to me: I wear and share the products!!!

Direct Sales

Direct sales are independent contractors with a large company that represent the brand and sell to a group of people called clients or customers

Many times a direct seller must buy a kit or have an inventory of samples to share with their customers, through a in home or virtual party

Direct sellers often have monthly quotas and are encouraged to build teams of other direct sellers

Some companies choose to advertise their products like affiliate marketing they decide to pay the direct sellers to sell their products instead of spending money on advertising costs

Direct selling is a job that can turn into a full-time career, you decide as a direct seller how much money you need or want to make and then you do the activities that bring the income(income producing activities)

2020 forced many direct sellers to shift their businesses to be 100% online a virtual business that can be done anywhere(kitchen table, guest bedrooms, closets, back porch, while on vacation , by the pool literally anywhere)

I absolutely believe in this business model!!! Anyone can be successful with this model if they put their mind to it and work hard!

I do think that most direct sellers end up buying more product/inventory than they make, hat is their own fault(I have been in that category as well) and hey if you love the product and would buy it anyway might as well buy from yourself, get a rebate on your own purchase!

Direct sales model is not a scam and not a pyramid scheme, it is a real business model! Just like running your own store except no overhead and no employees!

Just a girl building her empire

My Experience

I have always loved party plan, we had a family friend that always had Tupperware parties when I was little, and I always thought one day I coukd do that(be a party plan girl)

*17 in high school I sold MARK a teen line through Avon

**22 I sold close to my heart stamps mainly to get my own collection of stamps

***27 I sold Ruby Ribbon, here is where my direct sales career got serious I really leaned in, grew and built a team, the youngest leader of our company I loved my time here

****34 I partnered with Park Lane and everything that I learned at Ruby Ribbon really helped me transition to ParkLane, I am having so much fun with all the sparkle

*****35- In a few days I turn 35 and am getting ready to embark on a new journey with affiliate marketing, alongside Park Lane and I cannot wait!!!!

Be sure to join me right here to learn more in the coming days!!!! Can I just say, you are going to love it too!!!!!

Official announcement coming in a few days… right here!!!!(set your notifications, you don’t want to miss it)

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