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I don’t know about where you live…. but winter is definitely making herself known in WV! Snow and ice has been on repeat every week…


I don’t know about where you live…. but winter is definitely making herself known in WV! Snow and ice has been on repeat every week the entire month of January. (I am beyond ready for spring, blue skies, sunshine and any temperature above 50!)

Still nearly 60 days away spring seems so far but now is the time for us to get our wardrobes ready!

No we wont be grabbing those short sleeve tees, tanks and shorts quite yet but this is the perfect time for us to begin thinking about spring and lightening up our chunky heavy wardrobes.

This week we attending our virtual sparkle convention with Park Lane and I was able to learn everything about spring 2022 fashion trends, excited to share with you!

  • Boujee Statements
  • Y2K Aesthetic
  • All choked up
  • The Charmed life
  • Big ring party
  • Resurgence of Silver

Boujee Statements

Statement earrings, necklaces and bracelets have been On-trend for the past several seasons and Spring 2022 says the bigger the better! The more sparkle the more shine the better! This season you will see BIG, BOLD, SPARKLY statement pieces!

In the past we would encourage a big statement earring and pair them with a dainty necklace or a big bold statement necklace with simple stud earrings! Spring 2022 get ready to go big or go home, I mean wear a statement earring and pair with a statement necklace and make sure to not leave those bracelets out… stack them up your arm for a fun arm party!

HINT: it is okay to mix metals and looks great when you mix textures… for example pearls and chains, natural stones with metal bangles!

Y2K Aesthetic

Girls who remembers the late 90s when everyone thought the world was ending at midnight 12/31/1999 that we possibly couldn’t make it to year 2000… I remember but what is at the forefront of my memory is that STYLE, the jewelry the jeans the chunky heals the chains!!! I am so excited to announce that Y2K is BACK!!!!!

This spring is all about maximalism, you are going to see lots of metals, bold beads, big crystals, pearls and chunky!

HINT: stack that metal up your arm and look for big bold statements that you can wear both now and in full spring weather!

More is better- do you remember when less was more? well put that mindset away because Spring 2022 is all about more is best!!!!

Hint: when you are thinking maybe that is too many necklaces or bracelets or rings… think again add one or two more!

The messy neck is still here, even though this is not a trend I have been able to get behind I am going to try it this season, Park Lane has so many instant messy necks!

All Choked Up

Lets take a walk down memory lane for a minute! Can you remember in the late 90s early 2000s when chokers were everywhere, I had several in my jewelry box and am excited to share that these are back for Spring!!! Don’t have a choker? No problem! Take a necklace you have and fasten on the closest loop!

Charmed Life

I love a good charm whether it be on a necklace, bracelet or earrings even! Charms are on trend for Spring 2022 and I am seeing a lot of mix-match charms! Having fun is the most important part!

Hint: pick multiple charms and wear them on a chunky chain, wear the charm off center for a fun look!

Big Ring Party

For several seasons now we have been having fun with arm parties! Stacking those bracelets up your wrist. Last season we saw the emergence of ring parties, wearing dainty rings on multiple fingers. Ring parties aren’t going anywhere just getting bigger!!! Have fun with big statement rings mixing those in with dainty ring stacks and wearing on both hands on multiple fingers!

Resurgence of Silver

Where are my silver girls at? This trend is for you!!! You are going to see silver everywhere as Gold takes a backseat, don’t worry gold isn’t going anywhere, just giving silver its turn in the spotlight!

Hint: have lots of gold? try getting a few silver pieces and mix those in for a fun mixed metal look!

It is still definitely winter in most of the country! We will still be layering and wearing our sweaters for a while still

You can freshen up your wardrobe and lighten those thick chunky sweaters and layers with some new spring jewelry!

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